Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? It Happened Again!


As usual i made one small change and twice this week and it was like I morphed into an entirely new person. I went from Clark Kent to Superman once again. I swear people I only do one thing at a time and only need to because people get so confused at my job that they swear I am not the same person or get really nervous. I came to work with my hair curly having to having it cut short for now 3 weeks. So it appeared a bit shorter and people thought I was a totally NEW person all week. Just because it was curly. I mean I guess they forget hair can go from curly to straight and back. So then When I went to the salon to get it done on Thursday and came in on Friday they were shocked again. I mean all week when I would turn around they would say things like I wasn’t sure if that was you.

Um well who else would be in my uniform, in my office, doing my job? There are only 3 staff here!?! What the WHAT!!!

Then today I decided to wear a burgundy lipstick. I never wear makeup just because it just seems so complicated and when I do it’s only ever lip gloss or lipstick and once again the world STOPPED! Everyone was like WHOA! What did you do? You look so nice and what kind of makeup do you wear or dang I almost did not recognize you I am not use to seeing you so glammed up. CALM DOWN PEOPLE…It’s only lip stick. I just wanted to paint my lips a bit. The lip gloss/lipstick thing has been happening to me since I was a teen. It has always been quite annoying. I’m like really. Obviously a little makeup goes a long way (a lesson in itself for many women, lol) but seriously to think I suddenly have on foundation, eye shadow, mascara, and so, really? I almost feel like I should carry around a picture from my prom or my wedding so they can really see what a fully glammed up ME looks like with full make-up since those are the ONLY 2 times it has happened and I believe the only times I there will ever be, lol.  I just think I look great without it. No shade, just the truth!

MG and Thyroid Update


So today I went to the doctor to get my thyroid tested. Last year at this time my thyroid was borderline overactive at 0.0306 or something like that. However, this year with everything I named with my super dry skin for over a year, hair issues, and severe weight gain they are checking this to see if the opposite is now true. He has also put me on a fluid pill though because I have a strange but slight edema which has just presented itself though my diet has not changed nor have my meds. So I pray that now I do not have a drastic weight loss as my body tends to do things immediately when I least expect it, LOL. Most women and people would be excited about these things, but when you have an illness or you buy clothes this is not always the case. This happened before my wedding too. I told them I would drop a lot of weight and they did not believe me and would NOT order the dress in the size I asked…I dropped 6 dress sizes before my wedding. 1 size happened the week before the wedding while the dress was in alterations when I wasn’t even working out. I was mortified. Luckily I had a corset dress and could tie it a bit tighter but I was not amused at the fact that it was tight in one area that made it look like I had strange back fat spilling over the top just to hold the durn dress up because it kept trying to fall off me during my wedding. Most people did not notice but I did! I think only after a few hours did this actually occur but I still was the one who noticed and did not want pictures of it.

Regardless, I have hope for the weight loss (which I know will come) but I a praying that I do not have to buy all new clothes AGAIN! That gets old really quick! I am not use to the yo yo weight loss thing. I am use to maintaining my weight well and have for about 2 years so I am fairly ticked right now! UGH! Even the dr. was stumped. He was like, ‘ you came in here 3 years ago almost 260 lbs and last years you were 224 and now you are almost 242″ (which when I weighed 2 weeks ago it was 246 by the other dr. office) and when I saw I you in July you were 231. I was like Yep! I was like the only reason I gained weight it because I was hospitalized and 3 times and then intubation which physically SCARRED me leaving me with tracheal stenosis (which I later had surgery to fix) causing me the inability to workout for 7 months and I still maintained did well with my weight only gain 7 lbs in 18.  So with that said I will add that now that I can workout why am I not losing weight…So yea the concern is real.

He is also checking my kidney function which is valid even though I know it has been checked several times in the last year thanks to my kidney stones but I will not stop him because any perspective is good when it comes to that since no one still knows why I had so many and back to back. Having to have surgery for those bad boys was not fun!

Moreover, he is also checking my electrolyte levels! He wants to be sure that everything is balanced. For me a creature of habit when it comes to some things (SOME) this is quite puzzling. So we must get to the bottom of things! I will keep you guys posted. The results should be in on Monday or Tuesday!

Dubbing and Lipsync Hilarity!


Please tell me I am not the only one who does this!?! Do you eve watch a muted t.v. whether you are at a store or your favorite restaurant/bar with your friends or spouse and give your own interpretation of what is happening of the characters on the screen?

I find that this can be a great way to not only relieve stress and have fun with your friends but a great way to get inside the minds of your friends too. Listen to what they are really saying sometimes. Now granted when it’s me and my girlfriends and we have been drinking the conversation may get a bit crazy ranging from cartoons to real life, LOL. We definitely have watched faces on the screen and been like I definitely know he just said, ‘girl can I get your number, you are the finest thing I have seen since watching Appollonia came out of that river in Purple Rain” Then some woman on screen turns around we say she says, ‘man what’s up with those tired lines’ and he says I’m for real (begging with those eyes) and he tries to kiss him and she turns her head saying something, (we say) ‘he got a complicated order’ and bust out laughing…’your lies are not forgiven and you need to step’ and he’s crushed and walks on looking back longing for her. We fall out giggling. We have no idea what we were watching but it’s hilarious.

I’m telling you if you do this with friends who are having a bad day it lifts them up but they may also bare a bit of their soul to you. They may tell you without telling you what’s going on in their life through their interpretation of what’s going on. So be warned if things take a weird turn. You may have to be prepared to either take it back to light-hearted fun or be a shoulder to cry on if they suddenly break down or become upset.

All in all dubbing songs can be just as fun we make up all our words to popular songs. I swear there are time you are driving and someone does something that ticks you off and instead of cursing and yelling I sing. I start singing the my own version of usually whatever song is on. So If the song is Every Praise (gospel), I Luh God, or even non gospel songs like Super Chris, Yellow and so on I change the words to pertain to what is going on at that time. For instance the person driving like a maniac in front of me I may say to to the melody, “please get out my way you genius before I lose my mind and lose my grace” and so on. I say little things like this.

It usually makes me laugh and this calms me even more! These things are quite funny and make me happy. My husband does it too, well when he isn’t rapping about stuff that I have no idea what he’s talking about. LOL!

Rainbows Come in All Different Colors, So Does My Advice!


We always go to our friends, family, and even lovers for advice. However, have you found that despite the ones we trust the most with our deepest darkest secrets, we tend to go ahead and do what we want and ignore their advice? So why do we ask for their advice? it is an age old question for many friends. I am here to tell you it is part of the feeling of a confessional. People feel they need to confess their sins to someone. To tell someone, anyone what they have done and hear what they have done out loud and prayerfully without judgement. Then they want someone who is on their side to tell them that person is no good as they vent about the the situation. They need a sounding board of sorts. To brainstorm what they want to do and how to go about it it sometimes as well. They do not always think they are looking to you for advice though that’s what they believe they came to you for.

Then later when they told you in great advice to leave a person that harmed them in some way (cheating, abuse, lying and so on), leave the job that is a dead end for the job that has potential and is a start up (but may be out of their comfort zone), or break tradition to follow their own path you may be totally shocked when they take the opposite route and seemingly ignore your advice. It almost hurts when they don’t. Then they complain later about the same situation over and over. All you want to scream is I said my view and you ignored it. However, it is easier said than done for many. You have to have empathy. We have all been there.

You have done the exact same thing in some capacity to one of your confidants. And they have said or thought the same of you! So with that, can you really say that you have no patience for the friend who continues to be ‘hard-headed’? Though there are exceptions, everything cannot be an exception.

I have learned that many people come to me for advice, mostly because I am good at listening. Then they want to hear my take on what they believe the other person may be thinking. They always want my professional opinion since I have a degree; however, many times just like many of you, I do not need a degree to tell them the issue. I am very good at being able to give a person both points of view to a situation though the other person may not being there without taking a side. However, I also know when my friends just needs a friend and not a professional as well. They need someone who is about them and only them not necessarily to say they are right but to say I am here for you even if you are wrong (without saying they are wrong and accepting their decision no matter what I think). For me as long as they are happy I don’t care how ‘wrong’ it may be to others, unless it’s illegal of course. So please understand I have an open mind, but also understand that if I come to you for advice it means that I trust you and that I hope you will have the same ideals!

Addictive Personalities: Addictions GALORE!

download (2)

So yea I realized that I may have rehashed an old addiction that has gotten a bit out of control as of late. I have gone into the dark under belly of fantasy, mystery, and fiction. I have fallen back into borrowing from the library and buying books like a beast. I had originally started buying so many books that I started seeing my house budget looking a bit crazy and could not figure out why until I realized I was over spending on BOOKS! I was like omg what is going on? But I couldn’t help it I need ed the next book in my series. I love books that are a part of a series because I get invested in my characters and what will happen to them next. I love to see how they progress and change over time. But between the costs and no longer having room on my bookshelves and the growing stacks all over the house I had to finally say I have to try something else. So I got a new library card.

download (1)

I had one a before but I needed one updated one with my new married last name and new address. This has helped greatly! However, I still end up buying a few books here and there as I go online to hold books and have them sent to my library to pick up and the wait list is so long that I have to wait more than a week or two. This is unacceptable if the higher level of the series become available before the lower level. For example the first book is still on the wait list but books 2 and 3 become available. So then I find myself buying book 1 sometimes because I’m still like 15th on the wait list and it hasn’t moved in a week and they only give you 3-4 days to pick it up if you are holding it.

Considering I use to buy a whole series at a time costing between $25-60 easily and sometimes closer to $100 spending $7-10 is not as bad. The funny part is I even hold books on the library website in different formats just to see which comes available first and then release the other when I get one. They have them in ebook, regular book, or audio for some books (though not all books come in these formats).

I prefer a physical book but I will read it in ebook. I do not like audio book but if desperate enough I’m sure one day I will go there if it comes to it but it has not gotten to that point yet as I have not found one of my books in that format in the library that has not been on a serious wait list that ebook or book was not more available.

Sadly enough while buying book 1 of a book yesterday, (confession), I also saw another book I needed in my life. I bought a Crockpot cook book that had over 350 recipes and it was well worth it. It was bargain priced at under $13 and was on the bargain table having just been reduced. I was so excited and when I got home and showed my husband he was was actually excited about the purchase too so I felt like I won all the way around! He didn’t even notice my other book though it was only $10, lol. Moreover, he didn’t say anything about me buying my Halloween costume yesterday!

images (3)

Yet another addiction! I love Halloween! I bought my costume and almost bought it online and glad that I did not because I would have bought it too big based on my former size 2 years ago! I still have not gotten use to my slimmer self! I’m not sure that I ever will. Even though I have recently gained some back (which I have to go to the doc. about because they want to check my thyroid) I’m still slimmer and by 2-4 sizes in clothing. I never could wear some of the costumes in the store right off the rack and yesterday tried it on to see if I needed to order online and surprisingly it fit and may have been even a bit big but I will try it on again tonight at home with not clothing underneath to be sure since I only have one day to return it. I can’t wait to unveil my outfit! Pictures will be put up so no worries my lovelies!

Some laughable Moments!

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I have run into this many times when I use to go to church often and guys were trying to decide if this was what I really wanted of them! SO they would say things like this to me and I would simply say to them I was spiritual too but um what does that mean to you? Because I knew what it meant to me but guys thought it was an easy out for them to say and had no idea what it really meant. An easy way to try to get closer to me without revealing anything about themselves and possibly trying to get in my pants. So they were not expecting my question! LOL!

images (1)

My next moment comes from my mom recently going through my sister’s phone, LOL. She was suppose to be looking at pictures of my sister’s best friend’s daughter in a play…That was my sister’s biggest mistake. She knows my mom is nosy. My mom kept swiping and was like um who is this? Is this her boyfriend? Does she finally have a boyfriend? And was getting herself all excited and happy. My sister instantly shut that down and was like you just lost all privileges, LMBO. I was crying laughing! I love my family!


And my final moment comes from all the stupid passwords I have to have between work and home. They require to change passwords every 60-90 days like clockwork for maximum security yet to keep them all straight you need special apps and spreadsheets and then those need passwords too. So then in the end you manage to get locked out of all of them if you are not careful, LOL. SO I feel like I should make them all the same and just rotate between the same 4-6 and change the year each year that way I don’t forget. It sounds bad but dang it when you change it that often the point is protection from bad people not yourself, LOL.

Moments like these reduce my anxiety and give me reprieve from my stressed to the max live and I love them! If I didn’t laugh as much as I do I would be in a dark corner somewhere trembling! I love my life though and God and my family and friends afford me some pretty awesome moments in life!