Halloween brings Christmas


Well as usual we get through Halloween and know that as soon as the day comes the next day will bring Christmas! Kids no longer say thanksgiving is next they only know that on television every toy they want is advertised and Santa is everywhere and well why try to tell them anything different. The stores changed their whole design overnight, LITERALLY, so that this is the case. To go from Halloween to Christmas. They feel there are no real thanksgiving songs or ambassadors like Santa or the Easter bunny so you aren’t really missing out anyway right!?! SO sadly it’s unless you are older and desire to see family, want toe vacation, desire the glorious foods, or truly want to give thanks for all that you still have that year you could care less about Thanksgiving!

I personally enjoy thanksgiving because I like to make a dish or two each year now and see how people enjoy it! I am glad to see my dishes finished off. I have started to make 2 of the same dish at home so that I can have it when I get home too. I have learned that sometimes I don’t get enough of it with my family if at all or that sometimes I just plain want MORE it was so good! This year I have to actually make a choice of what I want to cook since I have bought this new cookbook of crockpot recipes. I have already made several and so far I have loved them all. I know one is very thanksgiving oriented and then there I am trying to decide if I will do a desert as well.

I am excited! I won’t have that much time though since I will be traveling and returning from vacation just hours before thanksgiving this year so I need to be sure I have it all together ahead of time (the more thanksgiving parts so they are sold out). I’m so glad my MG is under control so I can eat as I wish without swallowing issues!

I still cannot believe it is November already!


  1. Sarah's Attic of Treasures · November 6, 2015

    I just wrote a lengthy comment somewhere on this very subject.
    Where in the world did Thanksgiving go?
    It is just SAD. And it shouldn’t happen.
    Hugs my friend.

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    • Lady CAS · November 6, 2015

      LOL! So true, not only because I love to eat but because we need to come together as family and friends and gather more often not even just for a holiday. But also Thanksgiving is a special time to give thanks. We made it a tradition a few years ago to go above and beyond and have family dinners on Sundays so that we were not just seeing each others on Holidays (at least for our core family prior immediate family (mom, dad, brothers and sisters and our spouses and kids). This has been very beneficial in so many ways!


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