293/365 – Stress and myasthenia

She has done it again! Her education about MG is amazing! Please take a quick read about the link and tips on Stress and MG! It’s quite interesting!

365 days of myasthenia

Today is national stress awareness day not that people with myasthenia need to be made aware of the dangers it brings. MGers learn fast that stress can be similar to intense exercise – when your muscles are tense it can increase muscle weakness. However unlike exercise that can be avoided, stress is not something we choose. It surrounds our daily lives and, unless you live in a meditation camp in the wilderness, the key to limiting the damage of stress is to focus on how to manage it.

Odd that today, as I’m writing this I’m feeling zen. After 5 days in Edinburgh full of long lies, walks, good food, quality time with people I love and even a spa afternoon, stress feels like a distant memory. That’s because these things are all coping strategies for me as well as visiting my favourite pubs where I’m pictured above.

Here are…

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