Tasting my way around the world — Chris V. Food!

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So I have decided that since there is not much to do in the area of Pennsylvania/ NJ that I am visiting I will eat my way through the area. I will need to find a hotel that has an awesome pool and some small activities like hidden gems that my husband I enjoy that will keep us active but will keep me from gaining weight, LOL. I know that recently I have been struggling with weight thanks to some unknown issue that the doctors cannot even crack but I figure they are doing all that they can and I am doing everything they asked of me and in the meantime I will enjoy myself without stressing and worrying about it.

So just as I use to do on my cruises I will plan active things while tasting my way around the world! Most people say during the holidays, cruises, and vacations you gain an average of 7 pounds. I; however, have never gained any weight because I love to swim and I stay in the water. I always find a hotel with pool or plan a vacation near water so that I can swim everyday for hours. I also enjoy excursions and fun that involve water like theme parks that require a ton of walking.

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Finally, we find hidden gems like places that have ziplines, dance classes, and so on thanks to Trip Advisor and Groupon. Websites like these are a life savor to my both my body and my bank account. I plan on following my favorite food network television shows and looking for some of the restaurants they named and eating at these places! I am going to eat myself into a coma! My husband will not object.

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