Social Media Personality…ME!?!

Since when did I become a social media personality? When did I become someone who cared what the world thinks of me? Mostly I don’t but I like to know sometimes. I like to know what the world is thinking and put my good vibes into the world. I like to try and benefit the world in some manner. It’s fun to know that I am affecting people in some way! though my blog blasts on both facebook and twitter I need to have a better presence on twitter. The only problem is that I find myself saying more random craziness on there. This isn’t bad it’s just hard because you are restricted to 140 characters, LOL. Sometimes I talk too much for twitter. And though I am creative and can still make my point with abbreviated wordings a shorthand methods it can steal your thunder when you have to do that sometimes as a writer, or so I feel. Not to mention sometimes I get hashtag crazy on twitter. I have no idea where it comes from sometimes.

images (2)

Moreover, it is kind of strange to me. I did not think of myself this way but my husband sort of does. It’s kind of funny. He makes me laugh. He applauds my achievements no matter how small and keeps saying when you reach 100k and 1m we are gonna turn up. LOL. He wants me to get paid for this. I don’t see it being that big or a prosperous endeavor. However, I do enjoy that he sees that there are people out there that enjoy a quality that I have and that it brings joy to me! I just love to talk, educate people, and tell a good story! So I’m glad for such a platform and such caring individuals!

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