Waiting for His Eyes to Light Up!


I love to to plan trips and do things with my husband! It’s not an easy thing to do because he is not big on planning or doing much of anything because he just thinks about going to a place and that’s IT. He thinks about these grand places to go in or out of the country and then never thinks of when he wants to go, how we are going to get there, how much it will cost, where we will stay, or what we will do once we are there. He does not plan one detail at all. He just knows he wants to go or there may be one thing in particular he wants to do there such as the casino and then he has no other idea of anything else, LOL. Planning usually helps reduce anxiety for me…but when it comes to planning with or for him…sometimes I wonder if it does, LOL. I sometimes get a knot in my tummy because he I know his reaction because he is so against things. But I am hoping this is different because this is one he really wants to go on! We both need this vacation! We haven’t had a vacation since our honeymoon and it was okay, but I was near critical with MG and was hospitalized a day after returning if that was any indication of what sort of condition I was in. so back to planning!

So then that’s where I come in raining on his little parade, LOL. I hate to say it this way but he sees it this way until we get there and he is having fun. He hates all the hard work I put into it until then. I badger him to find out when it the best time to take off or I tell him when I have off and that he needs to take off then and give him about 2-4 months advance notice. Then I begin looking at hotels in areas near the area (if he happens to know the area better I ask for input). I am the deal finder so I work my magic to get us all the best deals. Then I find groupons and trip advisor activities and start annoying the snot out of him asking him about the local things there to find out what he might like to do. I know he hates it when I do this but I try to give us a few things to do we have never done before on every trip we have ever been on so we have some really cherished memories. I always try to NEVER pack our itinerary so that we really have down time to nap, relax and surf the net, go for a walk or find something new if we are driving and just go there if we want instead of something else we may have planned or after something we have planned.

Then comes packing for the trip. He always wants to KILL me! I have it down to a science. I have excel spreadsheets  created based on seasons of the year (fall/ winter and spring/summer) and then I simply can change the amount of stuff I need to add based on the length of the trip. I know it’s sad but I usually don’t have to buy things once we are at our destination. Plus I pack some extra things for the beanhead I’m married to who happens to leave things or things he won’t need something because he refuses to pack until just before we leave. MEN! I’m so excited I pack days beforehand. In a total emergency I may pack the day before and that means I’m stressed to the max, LMBO.

Then we hit the road with 3 gps’s (the regular one and both phones) and a printed turn by turn directions. Believe after one horrid trip of failed proportions driving one year going whitewater rafting due to miles of construction on a highway I will never again go without this many back-ups again, LOL.

Once we get there to our destination, I will all be worth it! My husband gets this glow about him that is so hard to explain. He just lights up like a child on Christmas. I believe for our trip in 2 weeks it will be seeing his family and showing me all the places he use to frequent when he was a child. Telling me a million stories! But I also believe it will be sharing new experiences with him. Taking him to places that he did not know existed in a place he lived for so long. He moved before he was an adult, so I’m sure there are places he did not get to see and you age and your interests change and grow now he gets to experience things that fit those desires. I can hardly wait to experience moments through those eyes!

I enjoy having firsts with my husband! I enjoy being the one who he says opens his horizons and takes him to places and experiences that he has never had! It makes me proud!


  1. Deborah the Closet Monster · November 9, 2015

    I sound … a bit … like your husband. *cough*


    Liked by 1 person

    • Lady CAS · November 9, 2015

      BWAHAHA hey as long as you get to your aha moment and relax and enjoy yourself at some point! That’s all people like me care about even though it’s like pulling teeth to get your guys out there, we know it’s worth it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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