KaraoCANT..Fun Dips, Hurricanes, & Caribbean Magic


I’m telling you there is nothing like the powerful magic of a good ole Friday the 13th. Everything I had planned did not happen and force I am glad! I had hoped to sit on my couch and watch horror movies on the chiller and science fiction channels. I was prepared to just veg and watch enjoy that. However, a friend texted me early in the day and asked if I had dinner plans. At first I was like bummer I have the closing shift and do not get off until 8pm. BUT if they could wait until 8pm then I was game.

OMG, my friend texted back that was fine. I GOT a much needed night out! I was so giddy I almost forgot I still had to work 4.5 more hours. I was on cloud nine. I had not had a one on one with anyone in so long besides my husband that I had forgotten what it was like to enjoy anyone else’s company. We got there and despite everything that was said I could not see fault in how she looked. She looked amazing. I could not possibly let her think she was unworthy of any man! I missed her so much!

I ordered my fun dip martini which tasted like the old school fun dip candy and enjoyed it to no end. She had her hurricane. Then I got my Caribbean jerk wings and she got her entree and we began pouring our souls out to one another. We had a lot of catching up to do. It felt amazing. I needed that stress reliever, I did not realize until last night how much anxiety I had let build up inside of me. We both needed that pick me up. We also made plans to hang out again tonight. We need a good game night. This will be with more outside friends but we needed that time to ourselves.

But apparently no night was complete without a nice silly moment. I always have them no matter what! In the midst of my constant silly moments last night, calling the waiter by random names because I seriously NEVER caught his name and he looked like a Javier (one of my random attractive) names for men I seemed to get sillier as the night went on. You would say, the power of alcohol. I actually need no alcohol, my friends will tell you. I started commenting on a baby in the restaurant and his strange and magical laugh/cry that had me in stitches. Then a DJ was setting up karaoke. It was a horrible fail and we only stayed for 1 song that was sang and 2 songs she DJ’ed. In the restaurant before she came in there was already music playing and it was decent and we found ourselves at times during the night singing or swaying/dancing to it while talking. However, once she came her music was so loud in this place we could not even hear ourselves think. I mean the place is a nice restaurant but it is not that big and she seemed to refuse to turn it down because she really wanted people to pay attention to her and what she was doing refusing them the opportunity to talk, LOL. We listened to one song, she DJ’ed while waiting for our check, then got our check while the DJ sang a song because no one was ready to sing yet going through her song book deciding what to sing. Since when does a DJ…THE DJ do karaoke? Then finally Javier (who we finally saw on the check was named Erik) came and returned our bills 10 minutes later so we could get out of there!

images (1)

I really had a headache before we met that night which I took meds for and thought I would be fine! That was until Karaoke started, LOL. Then we left and I could finally think again! I could not have been happier to leave. Regardless of the horrible karaoke fail it was a great night!

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