Back in My Day…Old People Are Funny!

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Being around older people gives me the best moments of my life. Some people get anxiety or feel annoyed by being around older people. I enjoy it. There were times when I use to feel this way too but I think we all get this way when we are teenagers or young adults because we want to be independent and distance ourselves.

Now all I see is COMEDY GOLD!


My parents make me come so close to wetting my pants laughing at them that I seriously alter the times at which I take my MG medication sometimes because I have laughed too much just so I can stop slurring or swallow to eat because I have over-stressed my facial and throat muscles messing with them.

So I try to go over to see my parents every Sunday usually for family night to have dinner but mainly to gather and talk even if no dinner is served. Many times I help my parents catch up on things they may need help with like the ever changing enemy called TECHNOLOGY. It is always eluding them and since it is always changing ti is quite funny to watch the way they interact with it,

I still remember my dad struggling with his first iPad and my 6 yr old nephew (who was 2 at the time) went over and showed him how to turn it on and swiped it and showed him where his kiddie apps were on my mom’s iPad. I almost died because my dad was in the dark and was mumbling under his breath about not knowing why my mom did not tell him the code and how he she had too much stuff on it and how he was supposed to find anything on it.

Last night the interaction between my parents about technology and the two of the trying to communicate why something was not working was even funnier. He wasn’t understanding why she could not get her printer and computer working correctly…he was used to his IT people these things at work so he had no concept of it himself and she was getting frustrated. Then I fixed it and he was pulling apart things and she was about to knock him out and he was oblivious as usual, LOL. This is his nature, he doesn’t really do it on purpose he just kinda expects this to happen sometimes and it does because he has a wonderful family or team behind him but that doesn’t mean we don’t wanna pluck him upside the head sometimes.

Then since his retirement he got a new email address. He is so used to being in the thick of things with his work email that he would get hundreds of emails per day. So he thought his email was broken when he did not get one for over 24 hours. I laughed after testing it for him twice. I said um old man…it’s a new email that no one has…not even spammers, be glad, you just do not have any email.

The thing that topped it all was hangin with my grandmother this week. She is always able to put some great laughs in my memory banks to hold on for days/ years to come. That woman never ceases to amaze me in what she will say or do. She is always genuinely amazed by what technology can do. She is always in awe of what I do and how old I am, lol. I love telling my grandmother things, it makes me feel like a child showing my parents my macaroni art. She has M.S. and so her memory tends to come in and out at times. She’s a feisty 72 years young and loves fashion, God, music, and a good thriller movie. She is also very adventurous. But she loves to learn, even though as she gets older and with M.S. she forgets a lot. So while we visited her this week she asked me why i kept taking a picture of myself every time I picked up my phone. She sad surely I did not teach you to be that self absorbed. I laughed so hard I almost fell over in my chair. I said no grandma you did not, I have a facelock on my phone. She looked at me with her head cocked to the side and said, “a what now?” I explained that it was a facial recognition. Then I remembered who I was talking to and said It my phone recognizes my face just like a code you can type in and unlocks it so I can use it. This makes it harder for someone if they steal it.


Then every time I did it after I explained it she laughed! She said why does technology have to be so complicated? I said because some thieves won’t stay DUMB. LOL! And because as humans we always want something to be better and closer to a more real experience…In other words we get lazier!

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