The Building is Alive and it Has Tantrums!


Have you ever seen the movie Mr. Mangorium’s Wonder Emporium? It is one of my favorite movies. It’s about a toy shop that is upset that it’s owner is trying to leave and it throws a tantrum in protest. You may say how is this possible? Well the walls bulge and bubble and change to ugly colors. The toys and equipment will not stay in their places and misbehave. Nothing cooperates.

Well This is how my job is! The building throws tantrums much the same way. In the first 5 months of working here my boss left for his first vacation and mysterious holes appeared in the walls. Then the mirror was shattered by the smallest tap (that normally would have never caused such a thing). Equipment decided to have total meltdowns that could not seemingly be duplicated. We had to show it who was boss.

Then on another occasion, the water decides to flood under the floor of the locker room in our second year.

Yet another occasion, glass doors decide from random bumps and tugs that they want to fall the hinges at weird angles, but not completely off. The door came off one of it’s hinges and was still connected at it’s other hinge and had to be secured by a weight lifting bench until after hours maintenance could be called to secure our facility as this was a matter of security to our front door.

Again, all these things managed to happen every time my former PM was not there. We always had to call him to update him and tell him the decision that was made by ourselves, our liaison, or the company depending on how bad the ‘building was behaving”. It was incredible. I have never seen a building behave so badly.

Now the tantrums can no longer be confined to just the my area, since my former program manager left in the last 13 months. It has spread to the ENTIRE building, LOL. There has been fires on the fourth floor, water pipes bursting, and countless other things. I’m not sure this building can be tamed, LOL. Where is a new apprentice when you need them that can whipped this building back in shape. It has been very naughty, and needs someone with special powers to figure out just what it needs to keep it calm!


  1. ravenhawksmagazine · November 17, 2015

    Perhaps you are the one?

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  2. Nena · November 18, 2015

    My goodness! A clumsy building lol

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