Bittersweet Disappointment


So the hug of a lifetime will not happen, I was lied to by a person who either was completely an idiot, a person who does not like my brother, or a person who was to busy to care. Either way they have to know as humans on the outside looking in we still care about the ones who are being held within their facilities. The ones society has forgotten about.

After calling the facility I heard a lot of different visitation times. However, I wanted to be sure I had the most up to date times for my brother considering that I would be traveling several hours and only there for a few short days. I also wanted to be sure that I could maximize my time while there.

However after writing such a post about the hug of a lifetime. I looked on the facility’s website and compared the times the guard gave me as I began finalizing my itinerary for my trip so I could tell my husband that we had to rearrange some things or cut something out and something struck me as odd. The times the guard gave me were NO WHERE on the site. I mean not even remotely. The guard tried to give me two 1/2 truths which is what tipped me that something was off while looking on the website which was the alternate dates for non contact visits and that he could only have one visit per month. This information was somewhat right and this is what made me investigate his information closer because it did not pair with the other visitation days. He was grasping male or female for any time of year. So where he got those times I ave no idea because there is no registration for that time and those times have been in effect for over a year.

I thought it was very strange. SO I called back the next day. Though I did not want to because that guard had to me I could have huge hug for my brother and it worked so well with my schedule (Man the Devil really knew how to play with your heart!) but I called anyway. I was so glad I did. I would have been even more upset had I got all the way up there and been turned away and not able to see him when this was part one of two reasons for the location of the whole vacation in the first place. I called twice that next day. Both times (by two different guards) they confirmed the correct times seen on the website and the gave me the registration time for him which was not on the website and additional info which was not on the website.

I was appreciative because I can still see him; however, I am pissed that the first guard would do such a thing. After confirming who the person was I wanted to visit. I wish I had gotten his name, but I know from now on to get anyone’s name dealing when dealing with my brother before I even say his name and then that way before they think about being dishonest because they do not know what I will be asking they will remember I have their name and can report them.

I will not let this take my joy, but I will not lie in saying it did sting a bit!


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