Silently IT Lurks…

20151123_222504 (2)

Everywhere I turns it’s there reminding me it has me in it’s grasps! Clawing at my skin leaving it red welts and vanishing before I anyone see IT. I tell people it has been there. They don’t believe me. They say what? I try to explain, but my memory seems to fail me. I begin to ramble like an blithering idiot.

It’s hard to tell people that STRESS is the culprit. That you are stressed about any and every THING. That little things bother you and big things alike. That the things you want most may not come to fruition but you cannot ask for help because it may mean that they will take pity  or they will look down on those around you. Even more so, they may even tell you they cannot help! Then I think to myself…would I let them help if they offered? So you fight on and become more distressed. You know the things that would be a solution to the situation and though you are working toward them. they too seem to be out of your grasp.

So you sit in your crawling skin, with the red welts that grow each day. Developing more and more HIVES wondering when they will stop but knowing they will not until you can find the solution AND REACH IT. I am becoming quite exhausted now!



  1. A @ moylomenterprises · December 6, 2015

    Stress can take a toll on the body in many different ways. I stress-eat. It offers temporary comfort but the side effect is weight gain. I also breakout! This is even more frustrating as I’m in my 40s and was hoping my hormones would have calmed down by now to make this a non-issue but my life has been high-stress the last 3 yrs so I know it’s more than hormones at play here. When I’m happy I glow and my weight is healthy the trick is to stay happy.

    You know when your body isn’t acting right and having others not believe you adds to the stress. I hope you can find d the solutions you seek.

    Keep writing, it’s good therapy. We’re listening 😊

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    • Lady CAS · December 7, 2015

      Thank you! And you are right it really bombs when people believe you are making these things up UGH! Until it physically manifests right in front of their eyes! Like POW, lol.

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