Coincidence or Not?


Just think about this for a moment! How do you view life? Are you one that feels that everything is obtained through knowledge or hard work? I would hope not! You have to have a mix of these things and having the right attitude will be the only way to get you all of these things in my opinion! So do you think it is a coincidence that this occurs? What are your thoughts?

2015 in review…This is Awesome

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,400 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 57 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

I think this is amazing that does this for you! I mean I look at my stats here and there and it still baffles me that people even read my blog but to see that I have been blogging for 5.5 months and I have accomplished this makes me so proud. I never thought I would be the one saying yeah check me out sometime on my blog.

I appreciate my readers and all the insight, support, and love they have given me. Without them I would still be completely in the dark about this whole blogging thing. I am still feeling it out and deciding how to work it out but you all make it worth while and continue to make me want to get up and write everyday. I feel like I disappointing you and that is something I cannot do.

I never understood the pressures of a write before now and I am beginning to understand them now. If this is what it is like to write a book I am slowly learning it will take some serious time and the love and dedication I have for my readers will become quite an intimate one.

In 2016, I hope to continue to learn more about Myasthenia Gravis, but to branch more into my travels across the world, my cooking endeavors, and adventures and change my page to reflect those sides of me. I pray you stick with me to enjoy those added pieces! Love and Light! Lady CAS AKA Chris!

When It All Comes Together

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There are times when things just seem to fall into place like the perfect puzzle. I mean they seem to start to fall into place no matter how hard they did not want to before. I was in so much stress just a few months back and struggling mentally with some things before and now. I have decided that whether these things truly come to pass or not I have plan and a back up plan and that I am fine with either. I am going to be content with these plans and keep pushing forward.

I am trying to be upbeat because it is pretty much all I know how to be! I mean I know I am not perfect and so does everyone around me and I can live with that. I enjoy the feeling I get when I know that my hard work pays off and that when you put out your good intentions and vibes in the world they do come back in the same way. I may not do everything I want to but I know that I have a really good heart and I try to think of others often.

I pray for others often and they may never know it but, they are constantly on my mind because I want to see them do well even if I forget to call, text, or facebook them once every 3 months, LOL. Sometimes it can be hard for me to talk to people who are constantly more negative than positive because it drains me and when there are a lot of them and they do not listen to advice or perpetuate more negativity I have to distance myself a bit so that it does not sour my mood. I only want to uplift people and some people can make that really hard.

If I could tattoo a smiley face on everyone’s heart and make it rain hearts and flowers I would. But since  I can’t will have to go with my method of loving people in the only ways I know how and that is to uplift them when I can, love them no matter what, and do what I can, when I can! This also includes helping the random stranger at the library adjust her paragraph formatting to reduce the spacing as she as not as familiar with computers.

images (2).jpg

And letting my 1-3 drivers in at certain locations along my route home in traffic. I love doing my good deeds. I also enjoy helping the odd person read something or find something in the store that they may be looking for though I totally do not work there.

So when good things happen to me I am still surprised, not because I feel like I deserve them but because I feel like my one little good deed could not have possibly warranted such an amazing blessing sometimes. I am always so grateful.

Bucket List Heros

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So recently others have been seeing my bucket list and apparently they have made comments about it and found it just as interesting. My younger brother made the comment that I was too young to have a bucket list. He was not aware of the more trendy phenomenon of people creating them just to be sure that they live life to the fullest so that they have no regrets. It’t no just for those of us who are sick and have chronic illnesses. I know when I first told him it alarmed him though because I do have a chronic illness and he probably thought the worst. But I explained that people with MG live LONG healthy lives and that I created my list to ensure that I do not allow myself to sit and wallow in my disorder. Bucket list are meant to inspire you to do these things not just before you DIE but just to get out and do something more than get up, go to work, come home, repeat!

SO with that said I have a master bucket list that will not change but will slowly grow over time as I see fit an accomplish things and I have an annual list that I will create around the 3rd quarter of each year and have from that time to the end of the following year to complete. It will give me great joy to complete the list because I enjoy creating to do list and crossing items off of them as I tackle them. I also enjoy planning and organizing events.

Anyways, I have been enjoying finding new ways to tackle the list and when I can get them done. Some of them have been harder than others due to time management. I have found that I am not the only one who wants to see me accomplish these goals and that feels great too. I always tell people I do not want anything for Christmas or my birthday. It’s not because I do not feel worthy or I feel people cannot afford it, it is because I honestly feel blessed enough and would rather give than receive. I also feel that my family has given me so much already that I could want/need for anything. However, my dad saw my bucket list and he decided to scratch one of the items off of it for me and I even more grateful.

My dad bought me my go pro. I can take it with me on my adventures now. I am ecstatic. My mom said he was really looking for it. I’m proud of him because he really went above and beyond. Usually he defects to my moms for what all of us want for different events and this time he knew. Handy detecting dad, lol. I shall call it my PRECIOUS. Can’t wait til our trip overseas!


Annual Bucket List: 2016

Do a local bike race
get yoga mat/basic training
Visit wizarding world of Harry Potter
Read 50 books — at 22 books almost halfway
Buy a Go Pro
Go Sky Diving
Go to a State I have not been to before
Go to 5th Cirque Du Soliel Performance
Paint Pottery
Throw Pottery (as in make my on pottery)
Decorate my house for fall
Decorate my house for Christmas
Take a romantic trip with my husband
Volunteer with a charity monthly
Take a culinary class
Go swimming (you would be amazed that since being diagnosed with MG I have not swam once because I have started to have fear that it would become over exterted and not be able to get out of the water….says the former lifeguard and scuba certified person)
Be sling shot (it a weird bungee course thing that looks like a giant sling shot)
Go to Canada

Master Bucket List

Write a book
Have a baby/ adopt a child
Create a Charity
Run a business
Travel overseas like a nomad (England, France, Italy, etc)
Go to Disneyland
Go to a bioluminscent bay
Have my music music produced and perform it
Help Find a Cure for MG
Go to Alaska- see the Northern Lights
Pose for a sexy calendar


Happy Holidays!


Celebrate however makes you happy! Whatever you celebrate! I personally celebrate Christmas and though I have members who celebrate some of everything, I would like to wish you and yours a very merry holiday!

Creepy Winter?

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So I feel like this is a weird and foreboding winter. I feel like this is a winter that I would read about in one of my science fiction books where winter was stolen away by some wizard, fairy, or other force because there was some out of balance evil or force at work. We are experiencing an out of season warmth in my area of the country. I mean have we seen mid 60’s before yes. but we are seeing record highs near 80 Fahrenheit just before Christmas. I can only remember being close to 70 before but not quite this warm before.

I told my parents the only plus is that for once they get to celebrate their anniversary today like and pretend it’s the summer and instead of just imagining it, lol. They can actually walk around in shorts if they want and eat ice cream without the heater on. So enjoy kiddies! Love you two! Though thy got married at this time of year for that magic, after so many years of that I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a slight change for their first year together as the retired coupled! So proud of these two golden oldies who have so much spirit they keep me smiling!


Anyways, back to our regularly scheduled program here, lol! I mean it is so HOT to me I totally have no use at all for any of my winter clothing right now! The weather channels keep saying “warm” but I’m hot-natured so I have been sweating like a pig anytime I look at a jacket or anything more than a t-shirt. SO it’s HOT. I just got happy about my boots and hoodies and so on and cannot wear any of the yet. Retailers are saying to come in and buy the winter things because winter will happen and will be one of the harshest to come but it hard to believe when this is happening.

Now granted people do forget that winter technically begins on the solstice which was just 2 days ago; this does not mean that with fall/autumn that we should not have seen cooler weather. We have only really seen about 2 weeks of that combined it seems for the whole fall/autumn season.

I am wondering what we will get as some people have prepared for such things a harsh winter if it does not happen. I mean we have companies like landscapers, retailers, and the like that will lose a lot of money this year on these sort of investments while tourist attractions like the beach and other places may see a spike from a lack of a true off season this year.

I have even heard a local jewelry company that a made radio ad that said buy your diamonds and propose for that perfect snowy proposal for Christmas…yet it is not even nippy.  I bet they are kicking themselves right now. I mean yes we have had snow for last few years but we do not always get snow. That was sort of poor planning/advertising on their behalf…they got a bit spoiled with the last 5-7 years, lol. And they are riding it out because it seems to be on their only advertising and it was probably too costly to pull it.

I mean I am not asking for the single digit harshness and I do not have to have snow but I would like to have my autumn back and some crisp air, lol. We also know that without a true winter that the repercussions for agriculture, the environment (mosquitoes, allergies, and on one) will be worse in the spring and summer. So come on winter! I’m calling you out Jack Frost…Where you at Bro!?!



Indulging My Strangeness

So there comes a time in every relationship when you wonder or just plan learn that you married a weirdo! My husband happened to know that long before he ever married me! It was plainly stated in simple English from my very own lips upon one of our first dates, whether he chose to believe it or not, not my responsibility anymore, I told him, I did my job.


He tends to be the more even killed husband while I tend to have the larger than life personality. He soon realized that even while dating this was true and he stayed and still married me. He gets what he gets was my thought!


So there is no easing into the weirdness, there never was. I figure let’s dive straight into who I am. Don’t be that person who tries to slowly introduce who you are and then one they really find out and then run away screaming.


So not to test him per se but he got all of me. I did not do anything extra, but my family would laugh when they would see me do things that most women would NEVER do in front of a guy I guess…I really had no reference aside from keeping your manners which um duh I did have those still, LOL. But I would be overly comfortable in front of him, dressed down, and bring him around family often and for many events.

Now that he accepts all my weird moments, the funny part is he just laughs at them when others question them. Yesterday was one of those days. I was at work and had Jimmy Johns ( a sub place) deliver a sub a pickle to my job. Mainly because I wanted a dill pickle). I tend to get cravings all the time. It started when I was like 15 and now whenever I get a craving I have to have that food it won’t stop for MONTHS until I get it. I mean the desire is so strong that I dream about ti sometimes and day dream about it. I wonder if it’s like this for pregnant women. MAN! SO anyways. I got my pickle. I was happy, or so I thought. Then I thought…I want  a spicy pickle. OF course I did. Not only did I want something that many pregnant women crave so people would be staring at me weird if I asked if their store carried it…but then I know for a fact that only country stores and very old school stores or mom and pop stores (sometimes in not so good neighborhoods) carry them. Generally these are like gas station type mom and pop stores too. So I went to 3 different ones and still didn’t find one. They just were not far enough away from the city. They I finally went 20 minutes from my house and after an hour of searching in another city and found my spicy pickle called a Hot Mama for those who do not know.


I was excited. It took my husband and I all night to eat it because they are very spicy. We took turns lighting ourselves on fire. I took a few bites, and yelled woo in my Rick Flare voice!


Then he took a few bites and I would watch the color in his face slowly turn red from bottom to top.


We also snacked while watching our movies eating sour straws and salt and vinegar pork skins… I can tell you the last time I ate such a concoction was over 3 years ago. We both remember that time too. It was hilarious. I have not craved a hot pickle in that long. By the end of the night…I dared him to drink the juice of the hot pickled from the package and said if he did I would give him one of my gift cards I had. Now I did a similar challenge when I was younger with regular pickle juice and it did not sit well in my tummy. I can only imagine how that sat last night. I intentionally drank all the milk before it too. He said his whole esophagus was on fire and he drank water and laid in the bed for like 15 minutes and just sat there, he said he only did it because I called him out…dumb male ego…LOL.


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Dear Foreign Tech Support…


Dear Foreign Tech Support,

Let me start by saying thank you. You were most helpful. However, it is always annoying when you are in one country speaking to someone about  a problem and they are almost always refer you to someone who is in a distant land who someones you barely understand. Some people say…maybe you are assuming this, maybe they live here and had an accent.

I  personally work for a tech company that has recently created a call center in this country to try and satiate their customers for this very reason. Customers have made this very complaint about constantly talking to a foreign person who they barely understand and becoming frustrated and then having poor customer service and so on.

However, I had great customer service and I did not assume that tech support agent was foreign I surmised it when she kept saying they will meet with you Tuesday 12/22/2015 and will call you 24 hours in advance and to be ready for this call and again 1 hour before they arrive. Not only was she speaking rehearsed lines but she was unsure of the time whatsoever here because she was about 12 hours ahead of me. I was thinking to myself um, that’s tomorrow,  will I still get a 24 hour phone call to confirm my appointment since it was technically already less than 24 hours? Then I was like I have to sit on my phone today to confirm that 1 hour call o be sure I do not miss that one at least…Or I am in trouble. Geesh.

I am by no means saying they should get rid of their foreign tech support or this woman, I am merely stating that perhaps they should have timezone set-up and even an American call center as a back up (just a small one) to help support them. That is my only concern. I believe every company could use a small skeleton team of this nature at least when you have a huge overseas tech call center, at least to see how your customers respond.

Both my husband and the tech agent were at least patient as my husband asked her to repeat things 1/2 a dozen times and then my husband was a all thumbs with the tech gear at first and tried multitasking with her on the phone. (and yes, she literally asked us to cut the system off and on TWICE, LMBO). The call was direct, short, and pleasant and got what we desired in less than a day. He only had to go with no t.v. for a night. which was nothing since he had it on his phone, lol.

I, on the other hand streamed a movie via netflix and then passed out. I had a pretty emotional day yesterday as well as treatment, and work. I was done for, glad to start fresh today. I have some holiday shopping to finish today. I sadly was done 2 weeks ago then, had to return some things because I was beat to the punch, lol. So now I have to brave the masses one last time. But it’s in an uncommon store so not so bad!

So Stupid it’s Impossible…Or is it?

Have you ever heard or saw something so stupid you thought there was no way that could have just happened? There is no way this is real?


I mean there are times when I am not sure if I want to be mad about things, laugh, or seriously contemplate the sanity of the people who have committed the act. Recently such events have been flowing more frequently together and I think there is only so much stupid one can take before you either absorb it going numb, lose control, or being to simulate and become stupid too. I mean think I fall into all three categories depending on the atmosphere, the persons involved and my current mood.

Case and point, hanging with friends and having a night on the town; I am likely to simulate…it’s a bit fun to be stupid sometimes, especially after drinks. As we are all later asking ourselves whose idea was this/ that place and who let me go out like that!?!


Or when you hear silly jokes on televisions from movies that repeat the same overly silly joke patterns but they are so stupid they are funny. They have the same recipe in each movie but you cannot resist them.


However, today’s stupidity has been brewing for months…irresponsibility that breeds stupidity is a no go for me. When you do something that directly interferes with how my life will be run, where my money is going, and how my family will be governed because you refuse to be responsible, after countless prodding, guidance, and love I chalk that up to stupidity, selfishness, and disrespect. I the anger I feel is real and I can say I do not hit this level of anger often especially openly but you cannot expect people to continue in silence when such things happen. This goes for if the person is a stranger, friend, family, or otherwise. This is the fastest way to be cut from my life! If you are so stupid I find myself losing control watch out, it is not a good thing!!