My Strange Variety


I have come to learn in life that no matter how much you try not to do it, we all judge people some degree. However, we can change these perceptions willfully by simply making ourselves more open to suggestions, change, people. For example, birds of a feather flock together. A to a degree this may be true. However, I have so many different types of friends to compliment all the different aspects of my personality and traits that it is sort of hard to find too many patterns. I have goth friends, cute and cuddly friends, hopeless romantic friends, Artistic friends, party friends, Corporate friends, and everything in between, and they come in all assortments of cultures and races. I enjoy that part the most. I get to learn about their religions and the food they eat and how they live life and I enjoy immersing myself in these cultures. My favorite of course being PARTS the Asian culture. It would be hard to fully take on all parts of the Asian culture as I am so dominant/ independent as a female and this is not exactly a celebrated/ honored thing in their culture.

I even have friends that are a bit dark and yes some that are what other would say are negative! Yet I find these people even serve a purpose. They center me. They remind me that life could be worse and there are times people go through that are not pleasant. They also remind me that some people need a silver lining and I hope that I am that for them. I hope I am that bit of variety for them. The friend they can confide in or look to for advice or a positive word when they need it most. If not, I’m okay being the annoying friend who you roll your eyes at for being upbeat all the time but you smile at for being blissfully unaware…Cus sadly I am aware but I sometimes I refuse to show it!

I urge you to come be part of my Strange Variety com be part of team weird as I call myself and the revolution I lead. I am weird and I am okay with it. Knowing this about me reduces my stress and my anxiety; the need to break conformity and be me. Can you be okay with who you and your friends are?



  1. Nena · December 1, 2015

    A Strange Variety and Team Weird are my kind of people!

    Liked by 1 person

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