The Bell Tolls For Thee Somewhere…But Not Here!


I must admit I could not stand hearing the church sing it’s little song and then chime every hour. IT also did a half chime at the bottom of the hour. It almost drove me mad. It would only do it during the daylight hours of course from about dawn to dusk. However, as a light sleeper that was enough.

During daylight savings times it would occasionally be off (by about 10-13 minutes), which told me that it was set by some digital means and that there was not a true ‘toller’ up there. It took some of its nastalgia away. I sort of wanted there to be a real person dedicated to going up there and ringing the bells.

Then suddenly it stopped this year just after daylight savings. It was slow again for a few days like usual then it was SILENT. At first I was like maybe this is how they did it before. Maybe I just did not notice it in the past as a means to adjust the clock. But it has been weeks. I miss hearing the loud bells. I miss counting the tolls and knowing what hour I am in and humming the tune. I miss knowing how close I am to being on time or late for my engagement. It was a great indicator when I was getting dressed everyday. I hope it comes back soon. It’s like the metronome of my life, I feel so out of step without it!



  1. Nena · December 1, 2015

    Interesting how something ends up being a big part of your like without us realizing it.

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    • Lady CAS · December 1, 2015

      Very…I miss my bells! I bet my husband still hasn’t even realized it and when I tell him he will probably laugh

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      • Nena · December 1, 2015

        LOL!! That is hilarious!

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        • Lady CAS · December 2, 2015

          LOL yeah and I was right he was like you know what…I sort of thought it and then I noticed it..and…….I was like yea right buddy you noticed nothing, BWAHAHAHA

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          • Nena · December 2, 2015

            LOL! “Sort of though it” Yea, he didn’t notice:p

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