Whoops, That costs me my taste!

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I’ve been a bad bad girl! So lately I have been on a binge. I have found that I can eat potatoes and tomatoes again with little to no affect on me and it has been lovely. I have been eating them in every form. I told myself I would start out slow and that I would try it near my next treatment which was suppose to be at week 12…The golden week 12. Well that is still 2 weeks and 2 days off at least and I totally did not ease into it. I dove in head first like a mad bull. I went in with my eyes wide open and have not looked back since. Then down side is that I have had a few side effects, very minimal but I refuse to stop. It’s hard to go back cold turkey like I did before when it was matter of life or death.

Now I have to research things and see if the symptoms I am having are being caused by the tomatoes and potatoes (IE the HIVES). I am hoping it is just stress but I need to be sure. Though again I just don’t want to give up my LOVES.

I have still not had much luck on implementing the spiciness back into my life. Each time I get happy with the peppers it burns me, pun intended. I find myself slurring and weak the soon after wishing I never did it. My eyes hate me and so on. I enjoy the spice but the spice does not like me. So needless to say I can only take mild spice or none at all. It sucks because I miss my hot wings, curry chicken, jalapeno poppers and chips. Man i even like the hot mama pickles. I tell ya I am so hurt.

However, I will at least stay away from the super spicy until I get the all clear and start making progress there as I desperately want to try to see if we can try to have a baby. I too close now. This by far the longest I have gone without plasma exchange and I am both excited and nervous.

It’s pretty sad though when your husband catches you licking food just to taste it and then you have to put it back or give it to him because you can’t have it, LOL. He just shakes his head. Sometimes I tough it out and eat it and then other times I stare at it longingly…


Stupid autoimmune disorder!

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