That Moment When You Feel…

There comes a time when you just FEEL. When everything feels more sensitive, when you realize that you are sensitive but you are even upset that someone noticed you were sensitive, lol. Well I have those moments. I like to be empathetic to others’ emotions, needs, and situations; however, I hate it when people say I’m sensitive about it. I want them to understand that I understand how they can feel that way and that I am not ALWAYS sensitive to what you are going through because even though I can understand it sometimes I will not be giving you a pass for it every time. SO playing on my sensitivity may not work in your favor if that is your ploy.

Moreover, if I find that it is something that I am actually sensitive to and I do find that someone is playing on my sensitivity you have lost ALL my trust and it will take you a long time to regain it! I may forgive you but I will not forget. This does not just happen at home with family and friends as one may be thinking. I have seen this in my work environment with subordinates who use excuses as to why they cannot ‘make it to work’ sadly for some in the end it got them in unfavorable places. Some have eventually climbed their way out my bad graces but again I have never forgot what they did. So though I give them chances to redeem themselves and treat them fairly, I am always guarded and prepared in case they they try it again.

Let this be a lesson. Do not stop being who you are because others try to take advantage but be wise enough to know that there are those out there that do not always have good intentions. I do like to believe that people are inherently good, though there are bad apples out there. After many years of prayer and meditation I have to say, so far I have not been proven wrong by this practice to often when I truly listen and practice this. People can be inherently good  and will be when given the chance. SO continue to feel and be nice first and see where it gets you! It certainly hasn’t hurt me or made my condition any worse.



  1. Marta Frant · December 6, 2015

    I also truly believe that all people are good by nature. And when live proves me wrong, it takes me some time to return to my beliefs.

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    • Lady CAS · December 7, 2015

      I agree! Its hard but I refuse to give up on people as a whole. I fight for the good in people.

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