It’s like elementary all over again!


Man if only all my life could be like this again! What a time. I cannot really remember a bad time in elementary school. I mean early years k-3. The fun times. I mean 4-5 where ok and yes you took fun trips including overnight trips but really…the trips that seemed the most fun were the ones that you did not eve have to go far. The ones that you got to have hands on experiences and were nice and IGNORANT and everything amazed you. SO yea the later years were ok but it was only because they had to impress more because we had become more intelligent, BLAH, lol.

So back to being ignorant. Yes, the days were shaving cream on a cookie sheet was pure heaven. drawing your name in it. Squishing your little fingers in it. Or “ants on a long” made out of peanut butter, celery cut in half and raisins. to go along with the story you read.

How about going to the museum of history. It was my favorite for so many reasons. One because I loved to learn. But later because after my mom was no longer a teacher’s assistant she worked there and she made that place seem like magic. Even though I knew how some of the exhibits worked and I became too intelligent, lol she kept me excited by teaching me the stories about where the items came from not just what they taught you in the museum and how they preserved them. She let me makes games with her museum colleagues who helped me makes game pieces with soldering tools and created board games like monopoly with our own rules. I got to go to school with my own show ‘n’ tell stories and such. And then when we had to write stories and essays on fantasies I used the ones tat swirled in my mind from this mystical place. From the pirates, ships, planes, and far away places they had traveled. My mom was one of the smartest people I knew. She knew how to look up so many things and just where to guide me.

It is so funny to watch her second guess herself now because I know it only because I have ‘become intelligent’ and she feels inadequate. But she is still just as resourceful. She can still whip tings together in a flash. I watch her do it all the time. She gives me those same feelings of being that child in elementary school. being in that mystical and fantismal place awe stuck. I just never know how she does it.

Then my job magically this year gave us all the same holidays off that we got off when I was a kid in elementary school. It sort of made me smile and grin and think could it be? It is like my book a wrinkle in time? Could she be like one of the good strange creatures in it, the good witches who are both beautiful and odd and made amazing things like this happen. Things that only she and I would know and appreciate. Things that come at the weirdest times. My mom has a quirkiness about her…one that makes me smile. It probably seems absolutely normal to everyone else. But to me it quirky because I WANT it to be. I love my quirky mom. I need a kindred spirit and she is mine. When she does things like giggle which she does so often it lights my heart all the up and makes me want to find a blanket and snuggle up to my nose in it and never come out. And the very image I see of myself is the little girl with two huge poofy ponytails that are so long down her back as I once was back in kindergarten that she would only braid at the very tips to keep them from getting tangled, with the missing front teeth.




  1. A @ moylomenterprises · December 6, 2015

    Great memories ☺

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    • Lady CAS · December 7, 2015

      Thank you! It actually made me do some crafts with my nephews! hehehe 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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