Never Regret Something That Once Made You Smile!


Happy memories are the name of the game! You should never regret something that once made you smile! I understand that sometimes it may be connected to the people who you would rather forget…but you learned a lesson from those experiences too. You may have learned to warn your children about people like this. To look for warning better warning signs or even to try harder in a relationship and take risks! You may have learned that there is nothing you can do and that you did all you can and that you would do it all over again if given the chance.

When you look at something and it makes you smile remember that moment. You will always have that moment. No one can take it from you! No one can say it was not yours to have. If you ‘LET’ someone ruin it it was it really ruined? You can still remember what it was that made you smile later and why you smiled.

A few minutes, a day, decades later, you will see a something that reminds you of that very moment and you will smile again and that next moment will fade in comparison. You be happier because you are just happy. Do not regret the bad that came later or the feelings you have now, or the person you were with or are with now. They do not matter! The smile and the memory are important. Memories are memories. Happiness is important and for anyone to say you should be ashamed to be happy about a memory of purity/ innocence well that seems a bit malicious.

My husband looks at me all the time and catches me smiling or laughing out of the blue and says, “what?” I say nothing, “I was just thinking about something or remembering something.” It’s usually triggered by seeing something nearby while we are out. Sometimes I share the memory. Sometimes, I keep it to myself. The ones I keep to myself are not because I feel he would necessarily have malicious intent but when the event may have been something that happened to you and it may have been only you but it happened during a time while you were dating someone else (a long-standing ex) well you just digress sometimes out of courtesy.

Knowing how nostalgic my husband can be he totally understands how I am and we honor that about each other! That man certainly knows how to take a walk down memory lane, no short cuts, lol.


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