The Namer

I have been reading a book called the A wind in the Door by Madeleine L’Engle. She speaks of giving evil a name so that it can no longer harm you. If you only name it, it loses it power so to speak. You are able to lose some of your fear behind it because you are able to stand up to it by knowing what it is you face and understand that it is not all that it appears and that it can only do what you allow it to do to you to an extent.

I want to say this is very true. She applies this to all of life and I believe we all must as well. I have found that people who cannot name the bad or ‘evil’ in their lives keeping it at bay like a taboo or a ‘it/he that must not be named…

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should probably work harder to understand why they are so afraid of that thing or person and why they gave thing or person such power. My Sunflower is dealing with such an issue and when things come to matters of the heart it can be harder than one would expect to let go. People give them many excuses as to why they have become they way they are and though it may be true…it does not make it right. They have to get help, things can always get worse and even out of control. You never want a “too late” moment. Name them as the coward, abuser, addict, problem, changed person they have become. Show them the mirror confront them with the evidence on a day when they are not already in a rage and with support if you need to.

Do not allow yourself to be a victim any longer.

Ode to Sunflowers
growing so big and bold
your petals so bright
your face so round
your radiant warmth
always searching for the light
guarding all the smaller flowers and the seeds you may one day bear
but who will protect you my pretty sunflower

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  1. kerrilwilliams · December 8, 2015

    Thanks for this recommendation, sounds like a very good book! I hope you are well!

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    • Lady CAS · December 8, 2015

      Surprisingly it’s a children’s book. it’s part of a series of books. I enjoy reading them sometimes. it’s about 200 pages still, but pretty good. her books are similar to those of C.S. Lewis. I am well how about you?

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      • kerrilwilliams · December 8, 2015

        Oh wow ok cool! I don’t mind reading children’s books! I’m really starting to feel a lot better thanks!

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        • Lady CAS · December 8, 2015

          Good! I am glad things are on the up and up for you! How is therapy going? Did you find a new one? Or is the one finally working out?

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          • kerrilwilliams · December 8, 2015

            I am in group therapy now which is going well thanks for asking!

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            • Lady CAS · December 8, 2015

              Nice. I have found that helpful too. It gives me a chance to bond with others even when I have not wanted to or thought that I could. It was more beneficial than I could have hoped for. I’m proud of you!

              Liked by 1 person

            • kerrilwilliams · December 9, 2015

              Good for you and thank you!

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            • Lady CAS · December 9, 2015


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