The Wolf Crier


Trust is a fickle thing. sometimes we give it willingly and sometimes we guard it like the most precious and prized possession of the ages. There are times in which we cannot decipher when is the best way to be with it. I have learned that there are those I trust to be the ones I cannot trust. It is funny to say that but it is true. For example, if I say to my one friend a ‘secret’ I know her to be the one that is without a fact not going to be able to keep that secret, lol. I cannot hold it against knowing that about her. It is my own fault if I tell her after knowing her. It was only her fault the first time or two. After that the fault lies in me for continuing to tell her secrets knowing she cannot hold my deepest secrets.

Then there are the ones that I trust to tell you anything you want to hear. Not always on purpose but because again it is just their nature. They are what I call the people who cry wolf. They are the ones who make empty promises the ones we call flakes. They will say to you things on a whim and mean well but then never really intend to keep their word. They want to do these things in their heart or would like to be the one who does them and are actually capable of doing these things, but will not actually take the time to do them.

These are the ones are tend to annoy me sometimes more than they should because I sometimes forget their nature because they are good people. Not just because I inherently think this about people but because they actually are after knowing them and from others that know them. They tend to be yes people and want to please other people and then in the end they say yes but only follow through minimally to those closest to them and give their all to those who may ‘recognize’ their efforts like their bosses.

I have seen this in some friends who are dearest to me. I am shocked when I meet coworkers of theirs that say they are the hardest workers they have ever seen, yet I know them to be the biggest flakes at home with both family and friends EVER. I mean every family event (intimate encounters included) and gatherings with friends…what’s that? Moreover, did you say you would do a favor for someone? When? Yeah that is not going to happen EVER! You better get it in writing and SUE, LMBO. I mean it’s sad that I have labeled some of my friends and family as people who I never believe to do what they say they will because they have fallen into this category.

Many of my friends can be found in this category because they are workaholics and flakes otherwise. I find this because we find challenges encouraging and have to learn to embrace social situations as necessary and healthy as we age. Moreover, we also need to understand that crying wolf is also not something we want to be known for. We have to start making good on our promises no matter how small. I have been VERY guilty of this over the years and have been trying to do better in the last year. It has been a big goal of mine. Trying not to whimsically throw out WORDS to satiate people. Because they remember and then you look like a jerk when you don’t deliver. I now see that! I have now been on both sides and I get it! Don’t be a WOLF CRIER! Make good on your promises!


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