Rationalizing the Inner Child

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Have you ever met someone who does things and then tells you OUT LOUD why they must do them with a very serious and straight face but you know that this must but a joke…IT MUST BE!

My husband is silly like this. He rationalizes the silly things he knows he should not do but feels he has too. For example, though he did not do this, this is an example of something he would do.

If i made a gingerbread house he would stalk my progress and if I had any materials left over he would scavenge them and eat them immediately telling me that I did not need them even if I thought later to creatively put them somewhere, LOL.

Then minute by minute after I had taken a picture of it of course. He would tell me how it was leaning or this was out of order. Then as I turned my back something would ‘happen’ to collapse. OH NO he would probably proclaim. and then tell me well since you do not have any more creme as glue (because he ate it all immediately after I finished the house) you must lean the 3 walls together and I will just eat this one. As i look at him out the side of my eye with my lips pursed together in disbelief.

Then he would say man that gum drop path looks awful strange in front of this path and that chimney looks weird without four walls now…I might as well eat that too.

I stop him at the path, but he eats the chimney anyway! Then later I come back and pieces of the path are missing! Parts of the windows are gone and little decorations and people are moved… in preparation for quick access to him passing by and snagging them.

He is such a little scavenger. He is hunting gingerbread men, women, and animals, LOL. The poor house never stood a chance!

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  1. E. English · December 11, 2015

    This is toooooooooo funny. The pure fact that none of this has transpired, but I fully trust that you know it could makes me laugh wholeheartedly. This post made my day. Thanks Sis!

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    • Lady CAS · December 11, 2015

      You are welcome, he read it and laughed because he also fully knows this is something he would fully do. I mean my imagination was spot on because I could see him doing it because it is something I watch EVERY DAY! He did it last night circling my cinnabun and cookies, LOL until I told him I bought him some too.

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      • E. English · December 11, 2015

        Lmbo!!! y’all are too cute. That’s love right there. Like Frank and my marshmallow cereal that he “never wants” when we’re in the store, but then we get home . . . :/ and he has a change of heart I suppose. At the end of the day moments like that keep us young –as your title suggests–so I’m not complaining. ♥

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