Always in Awe!


I frequently sit in awe of the things that God does for me. I understand that this may turn some people off my blog because they do not believe in him and I do not always speak openly about my beliefs. But make no mistake that though I do not make my blog solely about religious and sanctified, I am spiritual and I do believe in God. I do not force anyone else to believe by any means. I find that I love my diverse friends that believe in so many other ways. I feel that not only do they center me more in my way but that theirs are still very interesting and that it could be so for them.

I enjoy seeing them love others the same as I do and this cannot be altogether a bad thing. Moreover, I find that being in a life where I can respect others for their differences is a very valuable aspect that I wish everyone had.


And my goal is never to offend, which I hope and pray this does this image does not do but someone may feel it does.

My most fun moments are when I realize that if I have prevailed before that I can again because my God has allowed it and will do it again. I know it is a test to allow me to be stronger and that I must pass it. However, sometimes not always in the way that I expect. There are so many times that I know I could have and should died and God saw fit to let me live because there was something else that he has planned for me. What that is I am not sure, but he has not brought me through some of the most amazing and terrible things to leave me alone now. He has more things in store and he is not done with me yet and I know it will be amazing because I can tell he has been preparing me for something GREAT!

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