Change Happens Regardless


Yes I do enjoy some things to be routine but I prefer to shake things up often because being stagnant causes me to get comfortable, bored, and complacent. Now don’t get me wrong some things require routines and organization and I do love this as well. I love having a planner and I love organization. But I also love to shake things up and make changes and adapt. I like to be flexible.

When one is too comfortable and complacent we tend to ignore and miss truly amazing things in life. We go the same route to work and miss the new restaurants, stores, and other miscellaneous places that have opened because we just do not go this way. When we eat the same foods we get bored with out selections but have no idea what we want because we have yet to discover it. We have yet to try new things.

It is only when we branch out and try to explore and try new things that we can truly appreciate the changes and wonder all around us. I enjoy it. It is always my goal to try new things. I use to feel like I had to go go go! But now I have learned to relax and enjoy the things around me and take a break. During my breaks I slow down. I may read or sleep. Once I have refueled, I find new and exciting things all around me. I have found so many new things around me lately that it is ridiculous.

My husband laughs at me. I do not have to just go on groupon, living social, or coupon books ( to find these things though they definitely help when I seem stumped sometimes. I have learned to make my own fun. I have learned to create trips, enjoy myself, and even throw darts if you will at random locations, activities, and experiences online to try.

Sometimes my husband looks at me like you go right ahead…I will catch you when you get back.


Other times he’s like you go first and uh I guess I will try it…I’m like come on man up you got this, as I secretly laugh maybe even a bit evilly.

images (1).jpg

Sometimes I may even be a bit nervous but I will never tell him which is which, LOL.

download (1).jpg

Then there are the times I have to make him let me try it first because He is trying to run me down to try it first. I’m like hey what happened to ladies first and he’s like that’s antiquated woman, LMBO.


I think soon I will have to make a huge literal dart board or wheel and start picking my activities at random. I like the whole game of chance and mystery behind it all.

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