A Song in My Heart

Most mornings I wake up I have a song in my head that I cannot seem to get rid of. It is not always the same one but sometimes I will have the same one in my head for several days in a row in the morning. It does not usually stick in my head all day and if you ask me what song it was that morning I may not always remember by thee night much like a dream.

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A lot of times it tends to be a song from my past that I listened to none stop that meant something to me at the time that for some reason I was fixated on. I mean some of them are truly catchy songs that if I sang out loud would probably embarrass even the most openly sensual person, while others are some of the most saintly encouraging gospel tunes ever and everything in between.

These songs all remind of a story each morning and play automatically through my head even when some songs I try to will away due to the nature of the song (not the memory it brings necessarily, lol). When you know the unedited version of my neck, my back by Khia, wel… I will say it was a challenge to know the song due to all the people I hung around, being young, and playing in clubs. I had to know the words and be in the know back then. I did not want to be labeled as an outmode.


But now I look at these songs and sort of laugh, because the mornings that I manage to NOT have a song already flitting in my mind I feel off. I feel incomplete and wrong and the day feels ominous and brooding like something bad may happen sometimes.

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So sometimes as soon as I get in the car or fully wake up if it is the weekend, I get the music going and get a song in my head and start the day of right and get that song in my heart. I get myself feeling a lot better and say it will be a good day and get that self talk going. I start pouring in what feels right! I make my own recipe for a good day. I make a great playlists and get it together just randomly going through my iTouch or the radio and it inspires me! When you feel angry with someone or the day is just going sideways, ask them to put a song (or a few, lol) in their heart and you do the same and see if it makes things better before you both come back to one another and talk. It can truly work wonders!


  1. The Shameful Narcissist · December 20, 2015

    I spent a month writing down the song that was stuck in my head when I woke up and my current mood to see if there was some correlation! Sometimes I’ve had two or three going at once. That is quite an experience.

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    • Lady CAS · December 20, 2015

      I never tried that. They have never really been negative songs just memorable ones, ones that really brought me back to a specific time and place. Though the relationship may have soured the time was not a bad one per se. Again I never let something that once made me smile be something I regret because at that particular time it made me happy.

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  2. Lynz Real Cooking · December 20, 2015

    Love this post and the last paragraph and thoughts especially! so true to put a new song in our hearts!

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