So Stupid it’s Impossible…Or is it?

Have you ever heard or saw something so stupid you thought there was no way that could have just happened? There is no way this is real?


I mean there are times when I am not sure if I want to be mad about things, laugh, or seriously contemplate the sanity of the people who have committed the act. Recently such events have been flowing more frequently together and I think there is only so much stupid one can take before you either absorb it going numb, lose control, or being to simulate and become stupid too. I mean think I fall into all three categories depending on the atmosphere, the persons involved and my current mood.

Case and point, hanging with friends and having a night on the town; I am likely to simulate…it’s a bit fun to be stupid sometimes, especially after drinks. As we are all later asking ourselves whose idea was this/ that place and who let me go out like that!?!


Or when you hear silly jokes on televisions from movies that repeat the same overly silly joke patterns but they are so stupid they are funny. They have the same recipe in each movie but you cannot resist them.


However, today’s stupidity has been brewing for months…irresponsibility that breeds stupidity is a no go for me. When you do something that directly interferes with how my life will be run, where my money is going, and how my family will be governed because you refuse to be responsible, after countless prodding, guidance, and love I chalk that up to stupidity, selfishness, and disrespect. I the anger I feel is real and I can say I do not hit this level of anger often especially openly but you cannot expect people to continue in silence when such things happen. This goes for if the person is a stranger, friend, family, or otherwise. This is the fastest way to be cut from my life! If you are so stupid I find myself losing control watch out, it is not a good thing!!

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