Indulging My Strangeness

So there comes a time in every relationship when you wonder or just plan learn that you married a weirdo! My husband happened to know that long before he ever married me! It was plainly stated in simple English from my very own lips upon one of our first dates, whether he chose to believe it or not, not my responsibility anymore, I told him, I did my job.


He tends to be the more even killed husband while I tend to have the larger than life personality. He soon realized that even while dating this was true and he stayed and still married me. He gets what he gets was my thought!


So there is no easing into the weirdness, there never was. I figure let’s dive straight into who I am. Don’t be that person who tries to slowly introduce who you are and then one they really find out and then run away screaming.


So not to test him per se but he got all of me. I did not do anything extra, but my family would laugh when they would see me do things that most women would NEVER do in front of a guy I guess…I really had no reference aside from keeping your manners which um duh I did have those still, LOL. But I would be overly comfortable in front of him, dressed down, and bring him around family often and for many events.

Now that he accepts all my weird moments, the funny part is he just laughs at them when others question them. Yesterday was one of those days. I was at work and had Jimmy Johns ( a sub place) deliver a sub a pickle to my job. Mainly because I wanted a dill pickle). I tend to get cravings all the time. It started when I was like 15 and now whenever I get a craving I have to have that food it won’t stop for MONTHS until I get it. I mean the desire is so strong that I dream about ti sometimes and day dream about it. I wonder if it’s like this for pregnant women. MAN! SO anyways. I got my pickle. I was happy, or so I thought. Then I thought…I want Ā a spicy pickle. OF course I did. Not only did I want something that many pregnant women crave so people would be staring at me weird if I asked if their store carried it…but then I know for a fact that only country stores and very old school stores or mom and pop stores (sometimes in not so good neighborhoods) carry them. Generally these are like gas station type mom and pop stores too. So I went to 3 different ones and still didn’t find one. They just were not far enough away from the city. They I finally went 20 minutes from my house and after an hour of searching in another city and found my spicy pickle called a Hot Mama for those who do not know.


I was excited. It took my husband and I all night to eat it because they are very spicy. We took turns lighting ourselves on fire. I took a few bites, and yelled woo in my Rick Flare voice!


Then he took a few bites and I would watch the color in his face slowly turn red from bottom to top.


We also snacked while watching our movies eating sour straws and salt and vinegar pork skins… I can tell you the last time I ate such a concoction was over 3 years ago. We both remember that time too. It was hilarious. I have not craved a hot pickle in that long. By the end of the night…I dared him to drink the juice of the hot pickled from the package and said if he did I would give him one of my gift cards I had. Now I did a similar challenge when I was younger with regular pickle juice and it did not sit well in my tummy. I can only imagine how that sat last night. I intentionally drank all the milk before it too. He said his whole esophagus was on fire and he drank water and laid in the bed for like 15 minutes and just sat there, he said he only did it because I called him out…dumb male ego…LOL.


download (1).jpg



  1. Diana · December 23, 2015

    Haha! I enjoyed reading this! The gif files are so funny! I also feel like I am the weirdest one among my circles. I think that sometimes there are guys who are drawn to women like us, those who are aware of their own weirdness but still rock it big time, because we’re not just like everybody else. šŸ˜€ Both of you are lucky to have each other! šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lady CAS · December 23, 2015

      LOL. Thanks. I agree I am the weirdest among my friends and yes men are drawn to us because we are interesting and compliment their weirdness, lol šŸ™‚ #teamweird


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