Creepy Winter?

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So I feel like this is a weird and foreboding winter. I feel like this is a winter that I would read about in one of my science fiction books where winter was stolen away by some wizard, fairy, or other force because there was some out of balance evil or force at work. We are experiencing an out of season warmth in my area of the country. I mean have we seen mid 60’s before yes. but we are seeing record highs near 80 Fahrenheit just before Christmas. I can only remember being close to 70 before but not quite this warm before.

I told my parents the only plus is that for once they get to celebrate their anniversary today like and pretend it’s the summer and instead of just imagining it, lol. They can actually walk around in shorts if they want and eat ice cream without the heater on. So enjoy kiddies! Love you two! Though thy got married at this time of year for that magic, after so many years of that I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a slight change for their first year together as the retired coupled! So proud of these two golden oldies who have so much spirit they keep me smiling!


Anyways, back to our regularly scheduled program here, lol! I mean it is so HOT to me I totally have no use at all for any of my winter clothing right now! The weather channels keep saying “warm” but I’m hot-natured so I have been sweating like a pig anytime I look at a jacket or anything more than a t-shirt. SO it’s HOT. I just got happy about my boots and hoodies and so on and cannot wear any of the yet. Retailers are saying to come in and buy the winter things because winter will happen and will be one of the harshest to come but it hard to believe when this is happening.

Now granted people do forget that winter technically begins on the solstice which was just 2 days ago; this does not mean that with fall/autumn that we should not have seen cooler weather. We have only really seen about 2 weeks of that combined it seems for the whole fall/autumn season.

I am wondering what we will get as some people have prepared for such things a harsh winter if it does not happen. I mean we have companies like landscapers, retailers, and the like that will lose a lot of money this year on these sort of investments while tourist attractions like the beach and other places may see a spike from a lack of a true off season this year.

I have even heard a local jewelry company that a made radio ad that said buy your diamonds and propose for that perfect snowy proposal for Christmas…yet it is not even nippy.  I bet they are kicking themselves right now. I mean yes we have had snow for last few years but we do not always get snow. That was sort of poor planning/advertising on their behalf…they got a bit spoiled with the last 5-7 years, lol. And they are riding it out because it seems to be on their only advertising and it was probably too costly to pull it.

I mean I am not asking for the single digit harshness and I do not have to have snow but I would like to have my autumn back and some crisp air, lol. We also know that without a true winter that the repercussions for agriculture, the environment (mosquitoes, allergies, and on one) will be worse in the spring and summer. So come on winter! I’m calling you out Jack Frost…Where you at Bro!?!



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