Erasing Dread…Be a Beacon Today

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I will be the first to say that I did not want to go back to work today. Though like most people I do not have children and I did not get a whole week or several weeks or many days off Friday and my normal weekend for the holiday I was did not want to come back to work so quickly. I was not one of ones however screaming I HATE MY JOB!

That is something I have learned not to scream. That is something you do not scream unless you are truly ungrateful for what God has given you. Moreover, you are truly ready to leave that position and have found somewhere else to go. Unless I have done that, I will make that the best place on Earth to be, LOL. I will not make my job a hostile place of any such nature until that point with such negative thoughts.

Now back to today. I was not thinking,  “oh this is a typical MONDAY,” because it was not. It was the Monday that everyone was apparently dreading. I mean you had students dreading it, bosses, other employees, and so on. So I mean it was quite hard to see this day so well. However, I had to make the most of it. But the day started so bleak and gray. SO then I think, How do I make this day better? How do I make this day shine brightly, and not feel like a death sentence, and feel like it is about to be 20 hours longer than it should be? Because we all know those days when we manage to get up early because we have a lot to do and the regular day felt like it was not a 8 hour work day plus your errands of 1-4 hours which would total like 10-12 hours, but a straight 16-24 hour day. You feel like the walking dead. Then you feel like you cannot get to bed on time to save you life and it messes up your sleep for the rest of the week and you chase that sleep for the rest of the week to no avail.

So again, how do I change this dreary day? I start the night before! I start buy preparing some of my lunch and tasks before hand. I start making affirmations. I start by praying. I already know the day is going to be long. I know this is the day everyone has been talking about dreading on social media for about 5 days, lol. I make sure that I lay things out and plan my day carefully. I also make sure I plan breaks in my day to reassess ad walk away. I will need these I am sure.

At my current job though I am a full-time employee with/ benefits we do not get a true lunch break because we work exactly 8 hours. So we eat “around” the clients. I will go eat in my office while another staff member covers the desk and floor. It’s basically what people call a working lunch, but I have been doing it for 7 years. When people ask me if I would change it, there are REALLY rare 1% days I want to. But overall no, I prefer only working those 8 hours, lol. That extra hour some days can mean the difference between my sanity and theirs, LOL.

Finally, when things feel like they are moving just too slow and I feel like I want to lose it during the day. I just start saying. I am here, I must make the best of it, keep busy! What is there to do? I offer my help to someone. If there is nothing to do there, I start getting to know the clients or reaching out to my former clients and letting them know about upcoming events.

Finally, when there is just nothing left to do, I start increasing my knowledge in the field of research. I start studying and gaining credentials in so that I do not get behind when it is time to re-certify my licensees. I have had to learn how to keep busy some days while other days, there is no issue at all keeping busy in my establishment and no issue with morale either. So today I will push forward and be everyone’s beacon!



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