CREEPY! Nutter Stalker!

Have you ever had a thought that if something you did to someone or something you did in general could cause something to happen to you later in life. In other words Karma!

I am fully believe in Karma but I also believe that some people are completely weird and creepy and not in a good goth way or in unique #teamweird way as I proclaim to be, lol. I mean in a *it rubs the lotion on it’s skin or it gets the hose again*


I made a joke to my mom about one guy in particular I dated that who continues to contact me who honestly seemed sweet when we dated but yea all the cheese slipped off his cracker later.

I mean dude threw a tantrum (not an exaggeration) in my neighbors yard at 2am after I broke things off with him. My dad made him get up and told him basically to man up  (in probably not those nice words) get in the car, and drove him to the grey hound station.

Then he did not even use his money to go back home to his state, because he had HOPE! lol! He stayed here, thinking we would get back together unbeknownst to me. (stalker tendencies in action).

He then went to the ER and used me as his emergency contact and swore he did not do it. I’m like how else would they get my information then? Not out of thin air because you are from another state and you have no family here so…Then he pretended to hate me and would not speak to me. The nurse asked me what they wanted me to do. My thought was put him in a psychiatric ward. I was hoping after I explained everything, they would, but they did not. Instead they offered to buy him a ticket home. to his state. I said that should be good enough.

I do not know if he ever went back, but I sure hope he did. He continues to write me about 1-3 times a year to ‘check’ on me and wish me well on the holidays which I feel means the opposite (unless I am with him.) Again he still has hope. Then he always ask if I still work in the same place which I refuse to say one way or the other. You won’t catch me slipping nutter. Then when he invites me to hang sometime I think yea like that will happen. We are not friends anymore. All I keep thinking is how if I was ever that loopy to accept such an invite I would probably walk into a room and there would be no windows and no handles to get back out the durn door.

Yeah, on second thought, though I have blocked him from all social media and he cannot see my profiles (even his emails go directly into a special folder marked *threat*…I am wondering if I need to now get a restraining order…I’m just saying I want there to be clear evidence of my disappearance if ever it were to occur. LMBO. We will not have a manitowoc murder here! If you have no idea what that is you need to watch the netflix docuseries making of a murderer which I will be doing a review of soon 😉 so stay tuned!


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