Making of a Murderer in Review! Part 1

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So if you have not seen the docuseries I am going to tell you now you should not go further in reading this synopsis of my thoughts! I will likely be giving away some details that may spoil your viewing experience. However, if you are like me when it comes to this particular docuseries, I am not sure it could be spoiled by anyone telling you the ‘ending’ because one it was real and publicly televised so that if you followed the news you actually already knew the outcome anyway. The only difference is that you may not know the additional interviews that are encompassed which make this series so much more compelling and hard to stop watching.

No again as with anything you find in my blog, these are my opinions and you may not agree with them and that is fine. I only wish to bring to you awareness and something different to watch and so in your spare time. I usually do not like to get into political debates or controversial issues but this one really intrigued me because it was not truly political so much in nature as much as issue of moral injustice. To me it was like reading the book of someone’s life and you guys know how much I love reading books.

I mean from the moment I started watching it I was spellbound for lack of a better word. I have NEVER watch something strictly because I saw CELEBRITIES say you should watch something on yet I checked into it. I saw it on my yahoo news feed and saw it was netlfix as a ‘recently added’ series. I looked at the comments the celebrities made and they were more than the usual shallow comments. When you started reading them they were educated and deep comments about the injustice, cruel, and inhuman processes that were happening an small community. They were talking about unconstitutional acts, uncivil rights, conspiracy theories, and crooked law officials! I mean these celebrities were calling for blood!

I was was intrigued now and had to see this series. So I pulled it up. I looked at the first episode and was immediately pulled in! They bring you into the world of Steven Avery. A man who lived in a ‘compound’ as they tried to explain it. But was really a large piece of land that they turned into a family business as a car salvage yard and because it was so big all the family lived there. However, the family was somewhat new and out of the ordinary from the town’s standards so they kept to themselves so the town shunned them. This was due in part to the fact that obviously they were poor, not very smart, and what many would consider backwoods people. Steven was found to have an IQ of 70. (I think even you can see where this is going).

So Steven was a pretty normal teenager. However, he felt he had some issues with local police targeting him thanks to his cousin. She happened to be married to a deputy. Apparently due to an altercation between the to of them her supposedly spreading rumors about him and him not liking it upon seeing her one day he tried to drive her off the road (but she wasn’t her only scared her a little). When she got out he pointed a gun at her and yelled at her and then got back in the car basically. Because she was married to a deputy this she reported it to him instead of a regular local cop and it was handled much more harshly than it should have been. He owned up to it and did his time.

Steven did several silly things as a teen that he owned up to as a teen and again the pattern while hanging with stupid teens and such was that he owned up to it and took his punishment accordingly no matter how targeted he felt or how harshly he was handled compared to others who were taken in custody with him.

However, in 1982 that all changed! He was wrongly accused and convicted of assault and rape of a local woman. Again, it started with many HOLES in the case wrong doing on behalf of the law. They refuse him his constitutional rights to make a phone call. They coerce the witness into believing it was Steven. They ignore calls that it could be another suspect who has the same modus operandi (mode of operating). They were actually watching that same criminal earlier that day (strangely enough). And Steven had an airtight alibi for the whole day.


You later find that, police draw their composite from previous mug shots, did not send off DNA kits, and this man spent 18 years in prison for nothing…The whole time claiming his innocence! But this was only the beginning…Will you be as shocked as me that this is still happening in this country and as recently (this was not in the 20s or even the 60s or 70s, this was the 80s this was 2005). This is still happening. They are exploiting the poor and ignorant…but what happened next will blow your mind…



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