Making of a Murderer Review! Part 2

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So again I say if you have not seen the series there will be spoilers so please do not read this if you plan on watching it or are a person who is easily swayed as I want you to make your own opinions and then make solid arguments and discussions, lol. Though I was not there and these are my opinions as usual I try to base them in the facts that I have been given.

So here we go. We last left off on this Steven Avery kid going to prison for 18 years for a crime is he did not actually commit. Like not just saying he did not commit but was actually exonerated or 18 whole years later because DNA found him innocent and placed another man at the scene of the crime instead. In fact, the man they were surveiling the entire day up until that point, the man that they got tips was likely the one committed the crime, and who managed to commit a similar crime while Avery was in prison.

If this does not sicken you enough. The cops ignored all of this and did not report or write any of this information down until AFTER Avery released almost in an effort to cover their butts. This was only after they were in the process of being deposed about what actually occurred in Avery’s case since it was sorely mishandled. I mean it was under severe scrutiny as well it should have been.

So of course, he decided to sue the county! However, he decided to stay in the county and prove that he was a strong person and turn his life around and yada yada yada…WRONG MOVE. You do not get out of prison, think that a small town area has it out for you, bring a law suit against them, and then try to stay in that same county and pretend that everything will remain copacetic. It’s not going to happen someone will harass you no matter how many people smile in your face and how much the media boast you up. They even decided to create a bill in Steven’s name called the Avery bill to prevent others from being wrongfully imprisoned. Both gained momentum. He in the case of his suit and the bill due to the such injustice and coverage.

I feel like part one of his life was pretty open and shut it was proven that they were wrong, and though the county would not take responsibility and said it was the victim’s fault for the mistaken identity and the times for being able to properly ID the proper suspect’s DNA, we the people can see otherwise. However, this next part takes the cake and is what everyone is putting up for true discussion! Here is where things take a turn for the worse. During his case to sue the county Steven is accused of MURDER.

What’s worse, it’s while his bill is process of being signed and no less the way in which he is accused is amazingly reminiscent of how things started in his 1982 case. He seems to be stripped of his rights all over again. They begin doing illegal search procedures, then illegal interviewing of witnesses, and allowing police presence that should not be allowed in the investigation ALL OVER IT. That was just the beginning though. Let’s not forget the slimy lawyer that was against his own client for his own means but I’m getting ahead of myself….

Steven is accused of murdering a long time client of his salvage yard who comes to take pictures of his cars to put in the auto trader magazine. Why you would risk something like that knowing that she was repeat business and that likely people knew she as coming there even I don’t think he was that mentally handicapped. So then, she disappears after he was the last person to see her. This sucks sure enough. But he gives so much detail of what he does that a normal person would have omitted it because they thought it was incriminating but he did not such as bringing the magazine back in the house and saying bye and not seeing his nephew’s car later, and talking to his then fiance on the phone twice during that day who was incarcerated and it would be on a recorded line.

Then they come and arrest him so quickly after she went missing without even checking the other places she went that day. They have a warrant to check his home and he agrees to let him check it and they do. They find nothing! So that should have been it. But no, they come back and not with a new warrant for more evidence stating they are looking for something new, they simply kick them out for 8 days which is a violation and then take their time to search and dare I say…YES I DO…PLANT EVIDENCE! Because after several failed searches and many pictures day after day they found nothing then suddenly a week later they find several things in VERY obviously and OPEN places. not at all hidden. I mean they tore the house to pieces and everything they found would have been in plain sight had they not torn the house up, the garage, or any where else.

The key that was ‘FOUND’ was right directly beside a pair of bedroom shoes that were there all the time and they showed a picture of how it was just days earlier and there was nothing there when they searched…so they sort of incriminated themselves yet again. then they stated that it could have fallen from the book shelf…but things typically fall straight down not fly out (from in between things) and around objects and land like that. maybe if it was in front of the book case but on the side of the case um no. Not a case that you state no key was on top of before when you searched the top of before and man handled and gave a  shake nothing appeared before.


Not believing it LENK! He found the key because he was in possession of the key and planted it. It was the supposed to be the golden piece of evidence that put the whole case together aside from Brendan…which leads me to more malarkey… but you will have to wait until tomorrow to find out all about him and that process…I promise I won’t have 10 parts only 4 lol


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