It All Went Sideways


There comes a point in your day when you just know it may have all gone sideways when you cannot quite articulate how the day is going and a outside person wonders if you are alright.

That was me today. I was not in a bad mood, I was not hurting or upset just simply off. I could not seem to answer questions quick enough, move quick enough or remember anything. I was glad to have my running lists already prepared from days ago for today because if it was not for that I would have been truly lost. I mean this week was luckily already prepared last week because I tend to create list upon lists well in advance of what I need to do and when I need to do them.

So when Monday came and I forgot to do one small thing on my list I was not upset just annoyed because it meant that it had to be pushed to Tuesday’s list because it was then urgent. Monday proved to be pretty long. I had to go to my new part-time job and fill out paperwork, and on the way the was a ‘fire’ to put out for my current full-time job. Then I headed to work. It was a long day indeed. When I got off I was exhausted but content.

Tuesday was busier. (I’m seeing a trend, no normal sleep this week). I got up earlier again and did the errand I forgot the day before and headed to work. Then I stayed uber busy all day with busy work strangely enough.

Wednesday came and I guess I really started losing my mind. I got up earlier than normal again. Went to the doctor, then to work, and work seemed to pass very slowly. I had a ton of things to get done but they were all on hold thanks to other things not being in place or me not being at home to do them. When I was finally off work this should have been my first indication that things may be going sideways aside from random things happening this week; I FORGOT WHERE I PARKED MY CAR! I mean totally walked out in full confidence that I saw my car elsewhere and then got close and realized that this was not the make nor model of my car just merely a white car (far cleaner than mine) near where I usually park in the middle of week. That was just shameful. All I could do was laugh! I mean seriously double over in the middle of the parking lot and laugh until I was dizzy. I was in shocked that I had done that.


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