Outsmarting Kids is FUN!

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So outsmarting adults can be fun but you have to really try to outsmart some adult because well they can be really smart and you have to really think about it. I do this at time because I am a prankster. Yes this sharpens your brain and allows for some good old memories with friends…when it’s harmless of course and your friends have a sense of humor.

However, when you have a ton of niece and nephews like I do and they tend to run at you at break neck speed and enjoy your company…sometimes a bit too much you have to make a choice; dread it or enjoy it! I tend to enjoy it and in many ways. One way it to play games with them, fun games, brain games, and just good old fashion tricks, LOL.

Now you may say tricks, that’s not nice, but let me explain…children are trusting and resilient and if they also have a sense of humor like my nieces and nephews they find these tricks hilarious and immediately try them on the next person they see (so of course they cannot be MEAN)

I mean we have all watched the older sibling want to play a video game and the younger sibling who has no idea how to play want to play and who has a knack for destroying toys and games horn in on the fun. They do not know how to hit start or anything and hold the game up. So they need an adult to help them. Plain and simple the older sibling does not want them to play. So you as the adult say let them play and then give them a unwired controller that isn’t actually on and wink at the sibling. Then you tell them to keep playing and tell the younger sibling they are the other car and let them believe they are doing all the awesome stuff on the screen.

More tricks include the good old hoping their short attention syndromes kick in. All children have it. So when you distract them long enough to hide said object behind your back and alley-oop it over the sofa. Pop in the movie and hit play. What an adrenaline rush!

Or how about the monsters or NANAs that swoop down and get little kids bad kids that don’t do what they are supposed to do. LMBO. My nephews love their nana (my mom) but they also know that NANA DON’T PLAY! The youngest is quick to yell, NANA is going to get you! Usually while he is trying his quickest to stop stop doing the same thing he is tattling about. I mean I am usually in tears because he has no idea at 3 he is tattling. He is saying it because we say it all the time. My sister and I say it all the time because it both the truth and a threat to keep them in line in her house. I mean my mom has a million and one little knick knacks, office supplies, and adult things wonders for these poor boys to try and resist. Even cookies and chocolate in drawers and jars! They drool at the opportunity to touch, eat, and stand on things, LOL. We give them fair warning before we even see the twinkle in their eyes and with kids…YOU CAN SEE THE TWINKLE AND INTENT CLEARLY!


My mom is both the good and bad guy, and it’s hilarious! I know she may not find it funny, but if she were reading this I could see the look on her face right now, LMBO. I mean it’s hard not to laugh. My mom has always had to play both roles but this time it’s funny because when I was little it wasn’t (I was like mean mommy…then nice mommy ๐Ÿ™‚ —sorry this is really funny to me because we were all probably like this. but now she gets to be like captain NANA and the boys find it to be a game. BUT the seriously play the game to a TEE. They know how far to push it! They know she can be buttered up, but they know if she moves in their direction like a wiley cat RUUUUUUUN! Or better yet maybe not, play dead! You will NOT win! Yea play dead! It’s over. Drop everything! We’ll call him the Pooh Bear (his nick name), instinctively apologizes because he knows he has done wrong with the lip quivering and immediately decides life is the better option and does whatever Nana says. The younger (snuggle bunny) will either TRY to follow Pooh bear’s lead or fall out and cry. I try not to laugh because this undermines my mom’s battle in the war. So I leave the room and have a good snicker, usually with my brother. You may say why didn’t my brother discipline them…but in our family we let whomever discipline them that caught them in the act usually, it so happens that usually my mom is nearby when they decide to completely lose their minds…do not ask me how this happens.


My mom (NANA) plays the best tricks on them though she would never call it that, lol. I know what they are because she used to do it to us. She still does it…She is the queen. Heck she got my husband a few month back and I cried laughing. Where do you think I learned it. My mom makes my nephews think they are getting the best treats ever because she makes them look so good when she is eating them and they want what she is eating them and then TRICK it’s healthy, LMBO. Granted it still tastes good but I’m telling ya only when you had the junk did you find out it was a trick, lol. For example, you want a cookie, but it was really a granola bar, lol. Kids at school taught you the difference quickly. She made my husband think he was eating bacon this summer when he was over the house and found out later he ate hog jowls or maws…one or the other, lmbo. My dad had bought it. My husband thought it tasted great until he found out what he ate, lol.





  1. acquiescent72 · January 8, 2016

    I don’t think I have laughed this hard in a long time. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lady CAS · January 8, 2016

      You are welcome for the laughs! I tell ya I live this often! I should probably be ashamed, but I’m not. What fun!

      Liked by 1 person

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