Making of a Murder Review! Part 3

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So we last left of with pure pandemonium! We have a man going to prison for a another crime after serving 18 years for a crime he didn’t commit and now his nephew is being roped into this one too but the evidence and the statements are just not adding up. Moreover, the way in which they law officials went about capturing them was illegal yet once again…no one can stand in the gap for these men because they are ignorant and poor and the community does not like them. FOR SHAME!


I mean how can you interview an underage child without parental consent? Moreover, they coerced his story, leading his answers and when that didn’t work they gave him vital pieces of the crime investigation that no one would know but the killer and the police. It was obvious the kid was NOT there. When you say what happened to her head? And he obviously starts guessing after saying I don’t know…I hit her, then he thinks, I stabbed her, then he thinks, when they say what else, I this or that,and they say what else that’s not all or be honest and he still didn’t have “their right answer” they get frustrated and they say in some effect who shot her in the head? So I mean it was sad. Moreover, his statement of the blatant lie of what happened in the bedroom of the tied up, assault, and rape the death of this woman was impossible. The was no blood or splatter ANYWHERE. Yet Steven Avery was not smart enough to clear up his blood in obvious places? And he could somehow scrub a key of every trace of her DNA but not his? Then they say she was killed in the garage but again after tearing up the garage floor no blood. She was not killed on this property!

You could tell Brendan Dassey was lying but they did not care and then his lawyer was that was appointed was pure crap. He was trying to get back on top after getting his butt handed to him recently in a political campaign that went south and so he was saw stars in this kid since it was splashed all over the news. Yet he was trying to get the kid to plead guilty. He was in no way trying to see it in the best interest of the kid but for himself and was making deals behind the kid’s back and working with him to turn against his uncle. Eventually he was booted but the damage was already done.

The most pivotal part comes when you see the DNA vial! The same DNA vial that happens to be from Steven Avery’s first case in 1982. The one that was suppose to be sent to lab corp. It was suppose to be in evidence and locked up yet it was found to be opened with the seal broken and a small hole in the top of the tube. And the very person to check it out was SGT. Lenk of the Manitowoc Police dept. A man who was not suppose to be on the case. Who somehow kept gaining access to the crime scene, who found the key after several days of fruitless searching, and then was deposed and failed to mention it. He seems to be linked to a lot pun intended. I mean he was the link between the FBI and the the local police issue. Why were they not just investigating the issue of the evidence but suddenly the corruption of the police department too when only one of those issues was the one documented to be under investigation for the them to be involved. The FBI began overstepping their boundaries and then had to admit to it, but they seemed to be the only ones who somewhat admitted to it during the trial.

It was as if they heard the story of the ‘the lie’ Brendan gave and it stuck and they said we have to go with it even if it’s wrong because we already convicted his uncle based on it…and they refuse to do anything that would help him so Brendan got screwed in the crossfire. What’s worse is that everything his uncle did not get accused/ convicted of Brendan did. It was sad. I mean when you hear the recorded calls between him and his mom on the jail phones and hear how he and his mom could not even comprehend words like inconsistent you know that this was not going to be a fair trial. Again he only had an IQ of 73 and yet they continued to try to ask him questions they knew were over his head, coerce his interviews, and so on. They even stated he was not in regular classes and that some of his classes were special education classes, yet they tried him as an adult and continued to talk to him as if he was on the level of a normal functioning one of regular cognitive skills. It was sickening. What’s more is that the both cases became such a freak show of proving that the law officials were crooked which was important, that it still was not getting any closer to finding the true killer…Or was it? I guess you will have to wait until my final part to see, YES I JUST DID THAT!


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