Say it Ain’t SO!


Were you ever the recipient of news to dramatic that you felt like a teenage drama queen? I mean like you felt like STOP THE PRESSES this just is not happening OMG what is the world really coming to? Man I felt like that again today! I felt like a tiny piece of my childhood was taken today. When I saw the headline that David Bowie had passed away I was like NOOOOOOOO! It’s not possible, He’s magic, you just missed his reappearing spell.

For those of you who have not been following my blog since the beginning 6 months ago, my favorite movie of all time actually happens to be a child’s movie called The Labyrinth and David Bowie stars in it with Jennifer Connelly.  I mean it’s the perfect mash-up between Jim Henson puppetry and live art ever, LOL. But serious the behind the scenes work it took for them to do that movie and the extras, you would seriously be surprised and since I have it on DVD, I totally know. I have watched it countless times along with Phantom of the Opera. I and just addicted. Doesn’t hurt that he was pretty durn sexy in it! The music was great and his music outside the movie was just as great! He will be sorely missed!

I have not given my husband the bad news yet, who will undoubtedly laugh in my face because again I am acting like a dramatic teenage child but still he will at least half watch the movie with me. I say half because he will likely play on his phone and when he stops doing this he will probably fall asleep. But I will watch this movie tonight in tribute.


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