Dear Pulled Driver…

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Dear Pulled Driver,

I get that you were probably panicked as you saw the blue lights in your rear view mirror; who doesn’t! We all usually instinctively curse or freak out or both. However, let’s remember unless you are doing something GROSSLY illegal they will not slam the whole book at you! I mean I know that many people reading this may be a minority and may not believe this but I am a minority and I have been profiled and I have been treated with respect so obviously I have been on both sides!

In saying this I would like drivers to have common sense! What I saw today was ridiculous! Please driver remember that you have to a responsibility just as the law official does to keep the safe…DON’T PULL OVER IN THE MIDDLE OF TRAFFIC. I mean pulling over 10 feet into the blind of a off ramp is basically pulling into traffic! That poor State Trooper was LITERALLY running from his car to hers back and forth to do his job. I only saw this as I was stopped at the light and driving. He saw the traffic coming and Was high tailing it at break neck speed to ensure he did not get clipped because YOU ma’am were too ignorant to pull straight forward and stop on the side of the road instead of continuing on your way to work! You could have come made it safer for everyone and moved 30 seconds away.

There was no reason to go where you did! I have seen this too much people panicking and pulling in the most inconvenient and dangerous places. All you need to do is put on your hazards to signal that you plan to stop and if you are concerned that the law official does not get it call the police and let them know that you have a cop behind you pulling you and that you plan to stop when you get to a safe place if it is dark, the roads are hazardous (from weather, construction, accidents, traffic, or otherwise).

I mean honestly if I were that law official and pulled you, and there was a range in price on what I could ticket you, you would get the maximum for endangering me recklessly. I came around the curve and gave him a wide girth but other cars did not. I honestly kept checking my rear view mirror and was glad to see that the last time I saw the man he was safely back in his patrol car. I also checked the news later and was glad NOT to hear that about anyone being sideswiped. I mean c’mon people! Though they have made laws about moving over to the next lane or slowing down if you stay in the lane beside an emergency vehicle in the state of NC it is only helpful when people are smart and do their part. You have to you common sense, which as we know in this day and age isn’t so common!



  1. acquiescent72 · January 12, 2016

    As an ex-cop, I can tell you that there are some amazingly….hmmm…I’ll call them “interesting”, because “stupid” is mean….interesting people that make interesting decisions when being pulled over.

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    • Lady CAS · January 12, 2016

      LMBO I wanted to use the same word but I choose ignorant and panicked haha! I mean seriously who pulls over there! I also wanted to relate to people that I have been profiled so that my more ‘oppressed minorities’ who scream I don’t like the cops understand that even they should not do this and this is not right, lol. I have family in law enforcement and even if I didn’t I obviously from my post would like to see them all get home safe and sound, geesh! I mean it’s common decency. I feared for this man’s life! I have never seen a man run so fast in my life suddenly, while driving, it scared me at first and I almost swerved. I bet you have a ton of stories though of ‘interesting’ people! My cousins and uncle tell me amazing ones all the time and I just sit and ponder what goes through people’s minds.

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      • acquiescent72 · January 12, 2016

        Yeah…lol…absolutely no time to share it all in one sitting.

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        • Lady CAS · January 12, 2016

          Well you have a blog…it okay to give us a good ole walk down memory lane every once in a while one story at a time. I’m sure readers would love it!

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