Working on Being a KIDULT!


I don’t know when it happened that I felt that I had to be an adult! I mean by no means do I ever feel that one must completely grow up and anyone that says so is a stick in the mud. I mean I do not mean being immature is the route to go because you can be an “adult” in the eyes of the law by being responsible but you can be completely the biggest kid at heart simply by incorporating all the fun you have with every inkling of your soul. I mean I try to do this every single time I open my eyes each day and every time I close them each night.

I still watch cartoons and no I do not just mean my adult anime, I mean good old school kids cartoons. They do not require my niece or nephews to be around. I am absolutely not ashamed of it and glad that I found a man that is not ashamed to say he does either. I mean seriously because I know my dad has been ‘progressed’ beyond this point in his life straight into OLD MANdome as I call it long ago and refuses to watch these things until now where he is forced to when my nephews are there. LOL. Now he knows all the songs and sings them under his breath when they are not there and I giggle. But he still will not change to the station when they are not over. Again OLD MANdome.

I, on the other hand, will sit and soak it all in. Catching not just the kid comedy, but the lovely adult comedy they sprinkle in (because they know parents are stuck watching too).

Something I had to work on was being more vocal about the things bothered me in a relationship. I could be vocal about being mad (not yelling), but not always in saying when I was happy or how to approach intimate things. This is hard when we are taught this is taboo or the opposite sex can easily be intimidated by your knowledge of this subject. However, when you know what will make things better and what will make you both happy and grow, you have to take a chance!

I have learned that I require an equal balance of structure and fun. I never thought in a million years I would be the neat and organized one. Yet I am. I love order! I think it has come from too much chaos, lol. However, I have also learned that there also must come relaxation and compromise or I will surely peril! If I cannot crack a smile or remember the last time that I have, it is definitely time for me to get away from my environment! I need to leave the house, city, state and just plan a little getaway. It can be a bed and breakfast, a swim trip (as I love water– notice I did not just say beach), go fishing, a spa-cation, or simply find a new place/ event I have never done (or done in a long time) and do it for a day. These always make me smile!

I think being an adult affords you new opportunities to re-do being a kid in STYLE. I mean you can pay lots of money and creative mental skills toward fun adult toys (cars, vacations, spas, gadgets, and so on). We still have to pay bills, and go to work, raise children if you have them, and so on, but having responsibilities does not mean that you can not still be a child at heart! I’m a kidult, Childult or Eldernager! I have no plans on changing this ever! I have seen this work, I know many older people who have been responsible in life but who have stayed young at heart and had the most positive experiences ever by doing these things by staying connected to the things that they loved. I’m not saying you have to do what I do or go out of your way to be a child but if there are things about your childhood that are not too overly creepy, then go for it. I want to be like my great grandfather who is 91 (soon to be 92) and still has the energy of a 20 year old and sometimes the actions of one too, LOL. He still works full-time running his own business and enjoys life! He is a hard-working man! If I can have 1/2 of his energy each day I would be happy, he’s like the energizer bunny.


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