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So I still dream of Canada. I know it it ‘just’ our neighbor to the north says a lot of people who live up north in the U.S. It’s nothing new to them. However, people who live in the south do not regularly travel there. We are not use to the cold no matter how cold it has been in as of late in the last few winters here. So I have always dreamed of it like a magical kingdom. A place that is so day to our night. With bulking giant goliath wildlife and animals and historic moments frozen in time.

But I have always dreamed of places like Alaska, Russia, Siberia, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Canada. My earliest memories of Niagara Falls and Alaska because my mom has a small little velvet scroll of Niagara Falls that hung in my room from when they visited when my brother and sister were young. I would stare at it and wonder if it looked anything like that. I was fascinated with the aspect of all that water, of course. I’m obsessed with water.

However, unless you fly to Canada from NC it’s a long trip to drive. My mom always talks about taking the train to places because its serene and carefree and one can relax without having to deal with traffic and such. However, I am the type of person that once I am in a city I love to be able to navigate it and go when I please, but renting cars are so durn expensive and I do not know anyone in Canada so there will be no staying with anyone or borrowing a car, LOL. The only option is like what we did in Hilton Head if we can find places that are all close by are renting bicycles and doing that but if it’s heavy snow that’s a no go, lol. I will have to do more research because I really want to go but I have to a plan when I travel. I cannot be as spontaneous as I once was due to my MG. I have to make the actually travel portion less stressful on myself so that the adventure part (which may be more stressful but euphoric) can be endured. I will get there even if I only get to step a toe in it, LOL. I may have to do some roundabout way of getting there like a crazy layover on my way overseas, LOL. We will see!



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