I’m Stuck in a Vice Grip

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So on Christmas day a cold materialized, if you know anything about a cold you know that you actually caught the cold 3-4 days before you actually showed symptoms. So i knew I likely caught it from my snuggle bunny (one of nephews) who was all over and spreading the love while I was babysitting the weekend before, lol. The cold was not so bad for me I seemed to get over it pretty quickly. However, the cough always seems to linger forever. It’s something that has been an issue for me since I was a junior in high school when they tried to say I had asthma but I refused such a diagnosis and they eventually settled on chronic bronchitis. It can take 1-3 months before my cough goes away without using my inhaler to treat it after a cold.

Moreover, with MG if there is mucus involved which sometimes there is it can be 10 times worse. It can cause breathing issues and if I am weak choking and aspiration and pneumonia. The worse part is that since I have gained a fear of choking known as anginophobia it makes the situation worse. I have higher anxiety throughout and can even have panic attacks during this time. I have to actively try to remain calm which is very difficult. So what I do is alert my husband, tell him I feel bad and take a specific cold medicine I trust and do a very routine regimen that not only comforts me but appears to work.

As I have become stronger in the last year with my MG I have not needed to be hospitalized for regular colds and such so unless this is something more I will stick to the routine and hope this passes quickly as well. I always give things a certain time frame to pass as well; so if it surpasses that then off to the outpatient we go for treatment before we have to be admitted. I do not want a ‘forced’ vacation. LOL. I have enough on my mind. I like to stay in control and in the hospital they tend to take a bit of that out of my control. I will give everything another week but then after that off to treatment we go. I have no desire to continue to feel like crap. This is not normal for me especially since I had treatment just 3 weeks ago. The only difference from normal is that I have been sick basically since that last treatment so I am hoping that I will feel better after next week. If not I will bite the bullet.


  1. acquiescent72 · January 20, 2016

    Hmm…ya do realize stress has a huge impact on health and how well you get over shiznit, right???

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    • Lady CAS · January 20, 2016

      Of course I do! I do plenty of seminars and conferences on it and I realize euphoric or “thou shall not be named” stress lol can have similar effects…However, my stress level rarely changes…so LOL

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      • acquiescent72 · January 20, 2016

        Okay then…lol

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        • Lady CAS · January 20, 2016

          hehehe if only I could take a good vacation for a few weeks. However, I feel like if I did that then started back to my usual life I would probably be worse off because my body would probably reject it all from stress overload, LMBO

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          • acquiescent72 · January 21, 2016

            Been there, done that! 😉

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