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Of course this has been proven on so many levels and I hate that I am struggling to resist it so badly…but I want all my favorite comfort foods while I am sick. I am of course using it as an excuse but it is just how I feel!

I feel like surely God, my husband, and everyone I know will take pity on me and give me a pass for they know I feel like crap…Yet I know as soon as I eat all the crap I will feel even worse so I have made sure that I do not eat crap. I have forced myself to eat the basic routine healthy foods I eat when I am sick to help boost my system and keep me energized. Yet I tell you I am ready to throw it out at any minute for some baked potatoes, cheese galore, pie almighty, and a nice burrito bowl.

Instead I will eat some soups, oranges, plenty of fluids (especially my teas), and veggies! So far so good! But if that monster ever appears…


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