Mastering Sleeping With Eyes OPEN

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So today I was pretty doped up on cold meds, benadryl (for the hives, and all my MG meds to boot. On top of that I was chugging hot tea, soups, and other healthy but sick ready foods. I say healthy because I was making them from scratch not buying them from the store where they are full of SODIUM, though when you are sick I’m not sure you care as long as they are warm, you get comfort, and fluids. So yep I felt like I could literally fall asleep at any moment. My belly was full, I was warm ¬†from my food/ drink choices, and my meds had me sleepy and comfortable.

I realized that about a tird of the way through my shift after waking at 4am this morning that maybe FOR ONCE, I should have listened to my husband and stayed home and rested. I was so sleepy it pathetic. I felt like the insomniac in high school anatomy and Physiology again. I loved class with a passion, however it was like the last class of my day and for a kid with a gazillion after school activities who got up at 5a everyday and fell got home late everyday and then could not sleep until after midnight every night this class would get to me during the lecture days. My instructor would pick on me because he knew I always had the answers but that I had a habit of not daydreaming but actually sleeping with my eye wide open. He said there was no way a person did not blink for that long while staring at something, LOL. He actually timed me on several occasions and would make random jokes to the class. Because my eyes were not partially open but completely open (stretched even) as if having a seizure and I would be completely gone unless he said my name. He nicknamed me the horse because of that because I slept with my eyes open and was quite easy to alarm/ startle back to my surroundings, lol. It was a running joke.

Well today reminded me of this as I was quite utterly relaxed for some time and stared blankly out a window for more than 10 minutes (or more because I could see the several people who checked in since I had sat down and first looked out the window) and blocked out all sound and thought and then when I “came back to” and blinked I was like whoa…it’s been a long time since I’ve done that goodness I actually felt like I was comfortable but I really felt like I was sleep, LOL.

Now, if I could do have done that for the rest of my shift I would have been in the money, lol!


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