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I love my books! Lately I have been reading A legend series by Marie Lu. The first of the series is called Legend and the second is Prodigy. They are set in futuristic post apocalyptic U.S. or what’s left of it. The book is told from the view point of two very different people with two very different lifestyles when suddenly their worlds collide in a fatal way circumstance. There is adventure/ action galore, mystery, and plot twists you just cannot fathom. I loved it.

Another series that has caught my eye is the fantasy fiction Time series by Madeleine L’Engle. So far I have read the first three volumes: A wrinkle in time, A wind in the door, and A swiftly Tilting Planet. I can say just as you think you are about to possibly lose interest she knows just how to draw you back in with a new twist that will make you wonder why you are still up 2 hours past your bedtime. I laugh because people say it’s a child’s book but when you have imagination all books fall into that category to me because I can imagine them just as vividly. I want to make the possible movie in my head and if a movie comes out I always like saying, ‘that’s exactly how I envisioned that person or that place to look”. The characters in this series are so charming they are centered around a family that are scholars and a bit odd in a community that sees them as out of place due to it being a working class town. What’s more is that they tend to have extraordinary adventures due to their scholarly skills and comprehension. There also seems to be a lot of underlying Christian themes throughout her books which was surprising and draws me in even more.

Another series I adore, though now I think it’s anything Rick Riordan put out, is the Kane Chronicles and I’ve read Red Pyramid. I thought it was great but it did have it’s lulls. I enjoyed the change of pace from reading about the Gods all the time but still seeing the connections. It was fun because I love history and mythology (GEEK ALERT). But I also enjoyed the plot twists and not always knowing who to trust in the book. That was fun. Seeing how the characters are connected to ancient Egyptian Gods and how their powers come about takes them on a great journey and I’m telling you I enjoyed every bit.

I also read the Wolf Gift Series By Anne Rice. Both the Wolf Gift and Wolves of midwinter were pretty good. I found the first better than the second but still it was a great book to bring me into an area I was not as familiar with. I have never really read about wolves or this form of werewolf. It was very different and I love the way she gave the characters a righteous edge.

His Dark Materials is the final series I will review today, and I have read the Golden Compass (which was made into a movie and they never made the others due to controversy) and the subtle knife and started on the the amber spyglass. So far it is great to me. I understand the controversy is supposed to be about the discrepancy about Christianity and the Power of God/ Church and how the they destroy what they do not understand and so on. Many people did not feel this was an appropriate movie/ value to teach children. However, the movie did not really go there and the book went way deeper than this. So you are faced with a dilemma. The movie was overly sugarcoated and the book was heavily detailed and maybe could have been seen more as a young adult or adult story than a child’s book. Moreover, we see horror books and such all the time so maybe they should have marketed this as something different due to the nature of the book because of that very topic. I love the series but obviously others did not because they were so stuck on that one aspect. I will say I love the Lord but I also can read about art and be abstract about someone’s opinion while reading/ viewing their art to see the bigger picture. The characters are so unique and the connection of souls being inside of an animal that is seen outside of the body to accompany the human is pretty neat. Though different things manifest in different ways in other worlds in the following books. I enjoyed the fantasy.

Though I am reading many other series right now this is all I will review for now.




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