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I love my books! Lately I have been reading A legend series by Marie Lu. The first of the series is called Legend and the second is Prodigy. They are set in futuristic post apocalyptic U.S. or what’s left of it. The book is told from the view point of two very different people with two very different lifestyles when suddenly their worlds collide in a fatal way circumstance. There is adventure/ action galore, mystery, and plot twists you just cannot fathom. I loved it.

Another series that has caught my eye is the fantasy fiction Time series by Madeleine L’Engle. So far I have read the first three volumes: A wrinkle in time, A wind in the door, and A swiftly Tilting Planet. I can say just as you think you are about to possibly lose interest she knows just how to draw you back in with a new twist that will make you wonder why you are still up 2 hours past your bedtime. I laugh because people say it’s a child’s book but when you have imagination all books fall into that category to me because I can imagine them just as vividly. I want to make the possible movie in my head and if a movie comes out I always like saying, ‘that’s exactly how I envisioned that person or that place to look”. The characters in this series are so charming they are centered around a family that are scholars and a bit odd in a community that sees them as out of place due to it being a working class town. What’s more is that they tend to have extraordinary adventures due to their scholarly skills and comprehension. There also seems to be a lot of underlying Christian themes throughout her books which was surprising and draws me in even more.

Another series I adore, though now I think it’s anything Rick Riordan put out, is the Kane Chronicles and I’ve read Red Pyramid. I thought it was great but it did have it’s lulls. I enjoyed the change of pace from reading about the Gods all the time but still seeing the connections. It was fun because I love history and mythology (GEEK ALERT). But I also enjoyed the plot twists and not always knowing who to trust in the book. That was fun. Seeing how the characters are connected to ancient Egyptian Gods and how their powers come about takes them on a great journey and I’m telling you I enjoyed every bit.

I also read the Wolf Gift Series By Anne Rice. Both the Wolf Gift and Wolves of midwinter were pretty good. I found the first better than the second but still it was a great book to bring me into an area I was not as familiar with. I have never really read about wolves or this form of werewolf. It was very different and I love the way she gave the characters a righteous edge.

His Dark Materials is the final series I will review today, and I have read the Golden Compass (which was made into a movie and they never made the others due to controversy) and the subtle knife and started on the the amber spyglass. So far it is great to me. I understand the controversy is supposed to be about the discrepancy about Christianity and the Power of God/ Church and how the they destroy what they do not understand and so on. Many people did not feel this was an appropriate movie/ value to teach children. However, the movie did not really go there and the book went way deeper than this. So you are faced with a dilemma. The movie was overly sugarcoated and the book was heavily detailed and maybe could have been seen more as a young adult or adult story than a child’s book. Moreover, we see horror books and such all the time so maybe they should have marketed this as something different due to the nature of the book because of that very topic. I love the series but obviously others did not because they were so stuck on that one aspect. I will say I love the Lord but I also can read about art and be abstract about someone’s opinion while reading/ viewing their art to see the bigger picture. The characters are so unique and the connection of souls being inside of an animal that is seen outside of the body to accompany the human is pretty neat. Though different things manifest in different ways in other worlds in the following books. I enjoyed the fantasy.

Though I am reading many other series right now this is all I will review for now.



Broken Underwear and books


Did I get your attention, I thought so! My Monday started off as one of those days. I would not say a bad day because I do not believe just because it is a Monday that it is a bad day. However, I will say that I was in a rather unfavorable mood for a few reasons. The first was because for the first time EVER I had to return library books to the library that I did not get to read because I was unable to renew them online since people had already requested them and I am a VERY courteous person. I believe in making sure my books are back on time so that the next person can read them. I know how I feel when I am excited about a book and ready to read it, especially when they are like these books are part of a series.

It all happened because I they came earlier than I expected when I put a hold on them and instead of putting them on my ‘to read’ list in my library account I placed them on hold to be next in line to get them sent to my nearest library to be picked up when they were returned to read. The funny part was about 8 books came back at once. I burned through about 4 of them quickly but then I had one that was not as enjoyable as the rest and took me longer than I anticipated. Then I also got busier than anticipated.

I renewed all the books that did not have wait lists and tried to prioritize like usual and still had those 2 books left and not enough time. So as soon as I dropped them off today I placed them back on hold along with a third book and I will not add any other books in case they all come up at once again. I can read about 3 books in a week with no problem but not 4. So I am good to go. I also have one that I checked out today on ebook that I am reading now in the mean time to keep me satiated.

Another reason this day went sideways is that I am still sick so you know how that goes. Though I am getting better I am still feeling sluggish and not all there so I am not on top of my game and I feel like it takes me twice as long to get myself together and make lists and complete them.

Then my house is a mess and I don’t like that. I have to make sure that I get that under control I cannot stand to see this much longer. So I decided to take a 1/.2 day tomorrow to get that in order a bit and run a few errands and get things back in order. I also took Friday off so that I can rest more and just get myself back together. I have to get things back right!

And the cope de grace (finishing blow) was going to the bathroom and not knowing my own strength. I was not rushing just not really paying attention and while using one hand to lock the door and the other to pull my pants and panties down simultaneously (b/c I had on yoga pants) I broke the band on the side of my panties. I mean all the way off. I look at this in sheer amazement. How in the world does one break their underwear, these were not cheap by any means as I stopped investing in cheap panties back in high school/ undergrad because I like quality! I kept thinking about it and shaking my head, this was not ‘torn’ this was BROKEN it was ridiculous and ridiculously funny and trying to stifle my laughter in the bathroom made it even worse.

All I could do at this point was laugh! All I had was one leg in and the seat to my panties! Welp, Commando it was! Many people go commando and not just when they workout. I found that to be an interesting survey by the way. However, that was not my plan today and I rather like wearing underwear unless I am doing spin cus I like the added protection that if my pants split (which has happened on numerous occasions) or my pants slip down (which has not really happened thankfully) that there are underwear to prevent a complete catastrophe. Otherwise I would be commando every time I taught class, lol.

I am at a point right now that I wish I could go back to sleep and start this day all over again and with my usual spare pair of clothes in my pack. Why did I take those out last week and forget to put them back after I washed them? Really wishing I had those spares right now.

The funny part is that I even took the time to sew up the pants the I have on this morning because I had ripped them on the inner thigh and STILL did not think to check my back pack for my spare clothes!!! WHAT A DAY, and it wasn’t over yet, I could pray for normal but who am I kidding normal does not happen to me!


Insomnia Strangeness


So though having insomnia for me is pretty common there are some strange things that have been happen lately that make even harder to sleep. When you have MG this is not a good thing as sleep/ rest is about the only regular thing that can help restart your system aside from treatments.

As I try to drift off to sleep I usually feel pretty great. I have read my book and say ok that’s enough for the night and have to force my brain off. If I read a good book sometimes I find that I am still creating a story in my head as I fall asleep and that’s sort of fun. I blur the lines between reality and fantasy and that is ok as I am lying bed.

However, lately just as I have gotten comfortable I have my body has begun to fight me. First starts the dry rattling coughs that become hard mucus filled coughs that racking my entire body. Once they pass I am happy. I am only happy once they are effective. I am tired of this cold. I hate the dry cough and only want a productive cough. The funny part is that I mainly cough more at night at rest than during the day. And of course ore while lying or partially lying down than sitting up. So I have modified the way I sleep for this because it is tough and I need to be able to breath and sleep. I mean the worst part of2 nights I woke up with my lips so chapped from being a mouth breather (b/c I never am) that I had to find chapstick in the night to put on. I only use chapstick a handful of times a year. I literally had to search for it.

Second comes the itching of the hives the I swear I planned for ahead of time by taking the benadryl to both make me sleepy and ward of the itch. I take it well in advance while reading so that I can slowly fall into the rabbit hole, LOL. Then as I get so sleepy that the words stop making sense and I have to read a paragraph so many times just to comprehend it knowing it’s time to turn in I put it down. SO WHY, WHY do they begin to itch uncontrollably like I never took the durn pills not even an hour before and it’s not time for another dose yet. I even put anti-itch cream on.

Then after I slowly take my mind off this and try to think more on the the book I read or something else I because now my body just wants to be a nuisance, the cramps set in. My legs and upper back scream at me. They cramp and hold tight and won’t let go. My feet, my calves, and rhomboids, and traps are seizing up on me and I’m contorting in horrible ways to prevent an all out lock-up. I know it’s likely because of the new fluid pill and he told me it could be a side effect but from all the fluids I chug daily what the heck man.

I know I have to go back and be put on a potassium supplement now or I shall surely be mummified from these episodes. The neurologist already said the fluid pill dropped my potassium levels and this could happen but now I know and now I must do something about it. All the bananas, potatoes, and OJ in the world are not helping, lol. My husband will find me stuck in some odd pose unable to move forever barely able to speak soon if this is not rectified, lol.

When I finally do fall asleep I wake up every 4 hours only to take more meds for MG and the benadryl for the hives and cough meds for the cold. My husband has been sleeping in another room all this time and he checks in on me only to feel helpless. I can only imagine what is going through his head. He’s probably stuck between poor poor little girl and STAY BACK CATAGION 1 RED ALERT!

Dear Ivy Cap Wearer,

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Dear Ivy Cap Wearer,

I was foretold of your coming and that though I tried to remain neutral about you the vibes I got from the person who told me of your visit (whom we will call Pack-Man–not like the game) unintentionally warned me of coming. Even if someone has spoken ill of a person I have never met I try to push all those thoughts aside and gain my own interpretations of the person. (I don’t like to say judge as we should not judge anyone per se). So when forming my own opinions of the person I am giving them a fair shot and not a biased view. However, these actions are still taken into consideration even if we do not mean to subconsciously, I know this having a degree in psychology (but I digress).

You sir came about like a strange fog. You did not announce yourself merely rolled up on your phone and semi-greasy hair slicked back under an ivy cap. When I introduced myself I was assaulted by your breath. I me completely assailed, bound, and gagged (as you did not immediately let my hand go). I was stuck smelling it. What a smell. Your personal body odor was not much better. I get it was the end of the day, but a quick change of shirt, or a piece of mint, gum, or swish of mouth wash can do wonders.

We get to the task at hand. I’m side by side with you for a couple of hours. I find you are nothing like Pack-Man. He is social and very forthcoming in how processes are completed. He fully wanted me to understand how things were done and to be successful. You well you disappeared on me on more than one occasion and when I looked lost, you just sort of turned your head away and I had to figure something else to do or started doing something on your phone. I get that you are important but I am pretty sure saying “I love you” in a call that it was not a complete business call though it could have started out as an important personal call. It lasted for more than 10 minutes as I was just wondering around with several questions. Then when you were not talking you were texting and I was still lost just trying to do what I thought per the printed instructions sheet.

I had no idea where things were (and sadly I’m still finding things on my own) and then the fun stuff starts as you proceed to show me every half-arsed way to do my tasks. I mean who does that. Shouldn’t I know how to do it correctly first? And the worst offense was just before leaving on the last night he proceeded to use something made for bathrooms (and I will leave it at that because it was just too gross and unmentionable) on a front glass door. I even said it aloud to make him aware thinking he blindly reached for it. And he kept going…So you Mr. Ivy cap wearer are gross, stank, and lazy and I cannot even fathom how you still have a job. I went back a trillion times and cleaned that glass the next time I was in and that was because I kept thinking of not only others having to touch it but myself…I always think about what if I had to touch it even if I don’t because that’s how you should think when doing a job…putting yourself in that position to do your best work.

But now if I get a phone call with a complaint to our higher superior you will definitely be thrown under this bus buddy. While Pack-Man will be given a glowing recommendation. Speaking of Pack-man, it was quite hysterical to find that you both work in at more than one establishment and that he is over you at one establishment and was previously over you at another. It was even more comedic that upon mentioning his name you began questioning his position in this business again but I stayed neutral. I also did not know anything but even if I did I would not tell him.

Mr Ivy cap wearer please keep your distance I feel that the next time you are near I may very well throw up. My skin actually crawls when you are near. You have no personality and when engaging you in conversation you seem to have a very crude and negative sense of humor. The self-loathing and dislike of all that is around you seeps from your very pores and every time you spoke of things it imminently from you like a black hole sucking in all positivity and blasting out death. I will pray for you!

Mastering Sleeping With Eyes OPEN

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So today I was pretty doped up on cold meds, benadryl (for the hives, and all my MG meds to boot. On top of that I was chugging hot tea, soups, and other healthy but sick ready foods. I say healthy because I was making them from scratch not buying them from the store where they are full of SODIUM, though when you are sick I’m not sure you care as long as they are warm, you get comfort, and fluids. So yep I felt like I could literally fall asleep at any moment. My belly was full, I was warm  from my food/ drink choices, and my meds had me sleepy and comfortable.

I realized that about a tird of the way through my shift after waking at 4am this morning that maybe FOR ONCE, I should have listened to my husband and stayed home and rested. I was so sleepy it pathetic. I felt like the insomniac in high school anatomy and Physiology again. I loved class with a passion, however it was like the last class of my day and for a kid with a gazillion after school activities who got up at 5a everyday and fell got home late everyday and then could not sleep until after midnight every night this class would get to me during the lecture days. My instructor would pick on me because he knew I always had the answers but that I had a habit of not daydreaming but actually sleeping with my eye wide open. He said there was no way a person did not blink for that long while staring at something, LOL. He actually timed me on several occasions and would make random jokes to the class. Because my eyes were not partially open but completely open (stretched even) as if having a seizure and I would be completely gone unless he said my name. He nicknamed me the horse because of that because I slept with my eyes open and was quite easy to alarm/ startle back to my surroundings, lol. It was a running joke.

Well today reminded me of this as I was quite utterly relaxed for some time and stared blankly out a window for more than 10 minutes (or more because I could see the several people who checked in since I had sat down and first looked out the window) and blocked out all sound and thought and then when I “came back to” and blinked I was like whoa…it’s been a long time since I’ve done that goodness I actually felt like I was comfortable but I really felt like I was sleep, LOL.

Now, if I could do have done that for the rest of my shift I would have been in the money, lol!


Getting the Spark Back

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I heard an interesting topic on the radio about a young woman who had been married for 7 months and who already felt unattracted to her husband. She prefaced it with she is a Christian woman and that she she was finding many other men attractive but not her husband and was seeking the help of the radio personality for advice.

During this segment his readers tend to call in and weigh on the topic and usually in the most positive and respectful manner, not many radio shows where they can tear a person down as it is a Christian show. They are quite therapeutic. I found this particularly refreshing.

The radio personality first responded by giving his personal account saying that marriage has it’s ups and downs and that he had gone through this himself and how he handled his situation. But that as always and COMMUNICATION is the key.

We always cringe and feel this is so cliche but it is the pivotal corner stone that without it all else would fail. I kept waiting for someone on the call to say maybe she rushed into marriage…but at this point it was a moot point and though many may have thought it, it was a negative thought and again may not have been the case. It could have simply been just as stated that they lacked communication.

Most of us get married and forget how to communicate as we once did. We forget how to be there as we once were for one another. We get busy with life. We forget how to date one another and send those texts or have those phone calls we once had with one another. We forget to send flowers, give compliments, or dress nice every so often for just your spouse.

And though we hate to admit sometimes it could be that the spouse gained some weight and it’s the hard talk of not physically being attracted for that reason. But then you have to be prepared to be their rock to get them back on track. Both of you eating healthy, cooking healthy, and having fun doing it. Planning fun and great workouts, not just sending them to their ‘doomed’ trainer and so on and saying YOU need to do this and leaving them to do it all alone and just paying for it…that’s not how it works.

Sometimes communication requires you both taking a closer look and what is holding you both where you are. Do you have a plan “b” in your phone causing your roaming eye as you and your spouse stumble? Delete the numbers and maybe block/ unfriend these people on social media so that you can fully pour all your efforts into your spouse again and only truly have eyes for your spouse again.

Marriage does have it’s ups and downs but unless you are willing to go to therapy, pray, or fight for it, you will not be able to get that spark back and you will continue to drift apart. You have to work at marriage all the time. You are two different people, from different backgrounds, who lead two different lives and come home with a day’s worth of different emotions and then are expected to live a life a together. It’s possible but you have to want it!

357/365 – Trial for myasthenia vaccine launches

This is amazing! I am glad this blog was seen and hope that this continues to gain speed!

365 days of myasthenia

At the end of December I received a press release from Curavac. The company representative said he had come across my blog on the vaccine and wanted to provide an update on its progress.

The Myasterix consortium launched the first phase of the clinical trial at the end of December. The firm said it ‘study will evaluate the safety, immunogenicity, and also explore the efficacy of a therapeutic vaccine candidate (coded CV-MG01) with designated orphan drug status in the USA and Europe by the FDA and the EMA. CV-MG01 comprises two synthetic complementary peptides conjugated to a carrier protein’.

It will be randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled and includes a dose escalation. The study will be carried out on 32 MG patients and comprises 2 parts. These are: an active part that lasts 5 months and an observational part that lasts 2 years to assess long-term treatment effects.

Dr. Stephane Huberty, Managing…

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Of course this has been proven on so many levels and I hate that I am struggling to resist it so badly…but I want all my favorite comfort foods while I am sick. I am of course using it as an excuse but it is just how I feel!

I feel like surely God, my husband, and everyone I know will take pity on me and give me a pass for they know I feel like crap…Yet I know as soon as I eat all the crap I will feel even worse so I have made sure that I do not eat crap. I have forced myself to eat the basic routine healthy foods I eat when I am sick to help boost my system and keep me energized. Yet I tell you I am ready to throw it out at any minute for some baked potatoes, cheese galore, pie almighty, and a nice burrito bowl.

Instead I will eat some soups, oranges, plenty of fluids (especially my teas), and veggies! So far so good! But if that monster ever appears…