Keeping Everyone Hip & Happening

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I find it so funny and fun to watch older people say things that are completely out of context and yet they are the king and queens of back handed compliments or SHADE. Yes old people I just told you what that term that kids are using means, LOL. I for one love listening to older people SLAY young ignorant people who think they were just paid a TRUE compliment but in fact were given a blow of spite.

For instance, hearing an older person say, “your new haircut really helps slim your face.” You want to immediately say thanks…then you say wait…does that insinuate that my face…or I am fat? What the heck just happened here? LOL. All tea… All Shade! They meant what they said and they just let you know inwardly they you need to lose weight…or that they don’t like you and other people may not have caught it because they do not want to believe that sweet Ma Annie could be anything but honey and sugar. But old people can really stick it to you without raising their voice, cursing, or being outright rude. It’s called class and old school SHADE.


Shade is nothing new we just call it something different. Just like everything else. People may say it’s mean to like to see older people do this but you have to understand the skill it takes and learn to observe. I just enjoy observing the style and heir in which this is done. They make you believe it and then later you second guess yourself. To watch the change in a person’s face is priceless if they get it at all, LOL. Some really young people don’t get it at all and that’s even funnier when someone else has to tell them what just happened.

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I mean for me I have learned from observation but I have learned from some movies and shows I have watched over time too. My parents have learned to stay young and learned younger terms the same way but some terms they learn simply from asking myself or one of my siblings. They just outright ask what the heck is ____ and why would I or anybody else do, say, have it, etc… We explain even if it means being some what “uncomfortable” because I dare not have my parents use a term in the wrong way in the wrong place and be embarrassed. Nope I refuse. I shall not have my mother talking bout throwing tea instead of shade, lol. You sip tea while throwing shade, LOL (GOT THAT PARENTS).


It is hard to keep up with all the latest terms in the urban dictionary that come up all the time. There are plenty of new terms that come up all the time that relate to social media and sex and you just have to completely stay away from some of those. However, aside from those, it can be really funny just observing people trying too hard to be “cool” just be you and if a word happens to be popular and you happen to be using it GREAT. If not so what. Don’t force it. Believe me you are still cool in someone’s eyes and that is all that matters, whether it is a child’s, parent’s, friend’s, or whoever’s. Enjoy that knowledge!


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