Sometimes I told you so is SO SWEET!


There are times when you walk through life and people ask your advice and you give it freely. Then there are times when you MUST give it as it is part of your job. There are even times when people do not ask for it but you give it anyway to help them because you honestly care and want to help them improve and not come to any harm.

HOWEVER, when you get people who are not very nice and tend to just stick it to you in every way that they can. A good I told you so without ever saying it, is the sweetest thing. Point and Case:

A member at my facility was about to go out for a walk/ jog. I was heading out the fitness door behind her. I say to her, ‘I hope the rain stays at bay long enough for your run’ more in an effort to inform her in case she did not know but to also wish her well on her walk/job if she preferred a rainy run (some members don’t mind). This would also give her a chance to change her mind if she did not know.

She turns to me and says, ‘it looks fine out there right now, looks at her smart phone (obviously not on the weather app) ignores me and gives me the screw face. Whips her pretty blond pony tail around and takes off out the door. I go to grab my lunch at the cafe. I look out the window and say to myself are we looking at the same sky. I mean yeah there are cracks of sunlight but it’s extremely windy and it’s been cloudy all day and they are calling for rain around noon (which is about now) and severe thunderstorms after that for the rest of the day. And looking further out across the sky is a huge dark mass of gray…but whatever.

Then I grab my lunch and go back to the fitness center. I eat a few bites, type an email, and run to the bathroom. That took about 15 minutes. I come out the bathroom and it started raining lightly. 5 minutes later it was raining sideways. At this point I literally laughed out loud. Since I am known to look at the televisions and do this often, and since most people have headphones in and assumed I was probably talking to someone else they ignored me. I got my satisfaction and that may sound a little mean but that person needed to cool off a bit. And when they came back in they were a lot nicer and even said, Hey I needed to take a shower anyway’ making light of the situation. So we could all laugh and be happy. So it kept everyone from harboring resentment and ill will. I like moments like that can end this way. I did not want to dislike someone over a possible bad day, where she just really needed to burn off a bad day (even though she took it out on me). I know that feeling and though there are better ways to do that it all worked out!

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