Birthday Reflections


So as it nears my birthday I am always asked what am I planning. This year my best friends asked me and I honestly said nothing and that I had not even really thought about it. I think part of it is because I have been so busy with life that I have not had much time to slow down and think about it. But I also realized which I told her is that I am pretty content. I felt pretty peaceful despite what the hives all over my body said. The hives I believe were a reaction to both stress and a medication I had a reaction to in November that I just stopped taking and now I have to take 2 new medications for the next few weeks to hopefully get rid of them. UGH! LOL. However, even that has not dampened my spirits.

I feel as though I am too blessed to continue, year after year, planning things solely for a birthday. Do not get me wrong, I am grateful for another year that I am given, but I have the WHOLE YEAR to plan something amazing and I am already doing that with my plans to go to Europe in the fall. So for me I am just working and enjoying things as they come.

I also find that at this point in my life I do not really ask for gifts anymore, more like just mention things I may need or that I like and if I get them so be it…but I planned or getting myself anyway so I am never disappointed if I do not get it for a birthday, holiday, or otherwise. For me, I have come to terms that I excited with just being HERE. With MG, or life in general, that is not promised! SO I have to say to be able to say I have made it 2+ years with this disorder and that is usually the most dangerous time for a person with Myasthenia Gravis, I am just glad to be here and able to look normal to an outsider regardless of what is really going on with me on the inside. I am always grateful not to look like what I have been through!

However, there is one thing that I have been doing in the last 2 years that I enjoy to celebrate my birthday and that is spending it more with people who love me and I love. I have learned not to sit in the house like a hermit! So I use all those lovely websites where you can eat for free on your birthday (and these are just some of the places), and I subscribe with my email to other restaurants and places, and get my free meals, discounts, and coupons in the mail and ENJOY THE HECK OUT OF FEBRUARY! I will eat my way through some awesome menus that I normally would say is not in our budget or that I do not have time for as I am so busy. I have to make time for fun at some point and there are few times that I make time for me.

I plan to reschedule my movie date with my mom that we missed last weekend due to my being under MG-wise and I plan to eat out with whoever decides to tag along! I can’t wait to see what everyone chooses! I am game!

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