Immobile walls, Cankles, Hives, and Rumbles


SO yesterday despite everything I was determined to have a good day and I think that upset the entire universe. I mean I felt like everything was against me and it was pretty comical once I thought about it at each obstacle within my day. I did not even have to wait til the end of the day or assess my feelings after feeling grumpy. It never got to that point. Things just kept happening but I kept rolling with them but I swear it was like something that would only happen in one of my fantasy books.

I have noticed the more stable I get with MG the more clumsy I have become again. I used to be VERY clumsy before I mean if you looked at me and I had a sheepish grin (which was often) it was because you probably just missed me getting up off the floor or catching myself from falling or running into something.

Yesterday the beginning of may day was amazing. I had an unusual amount of energy, which should have told me then, that I may need that energy later for events that may later transpire. Towards the end of my day about 2 hours before leaving my full-time job the gates the other worldy realm must have opened. Suddenly my boss and I could not keep up with the demand of emails, members, and events that were happening in the facility. We were crossing each other with questions about multiple events and trying to keep the event we were talking about straight while handling another event simultaneously. Then just after I was supposed to be gone for the day I squeaked out one last email and ran for the hills so I could get to my other job so I would not be there all night since I had to be able to get home, cook, and go to sleep (and rest fully 6-8 hrs) to get up at 4a today.

SO I peeled out of the parking lot on two wheels only to hit my first wall of traffic (believe me this wall was more bearable then what is to come later). I get close to the other job and have a little time to spare so I use one of my freebie birthday meals that came in the mail to Zaxby’s and get a snack.

I get to the part-time job and call my husband to tell him what I need from him that afternoon since I will be running non-stop and I’m currently at the second job and will be coming home in time to cook and go to bed. Then it happens. My tummy rumbles…more like screams at me that it did not like me eating out. It has apparently forgotten how to do this. I do not eat fried foods often and so yep I was being punished for it. I quickly got off then phone.

Crisis averted!

Then I finish at the part-time job. I was shocked everyone left fairly on time there so I was left uninterrupted to do my job and get out. Then as I was about to leave Montezuma’s revenge hit again. I called my husband and told him he would have to go to the store and be VERY selective about the items I needed for the meal and to hurry home no lolly gagging about. He tends to walk uber slow when he is not in a rush for himself…I mean like molasses. So I had to remind him it was already after 8pm and I had to be up at 4.

I get home as he is leaving to go to the store. When he gets back I prepare everything and put it in the crockpot and turn it on low so it will be ready in the morning when I get up. I undress and sit down and realize I have CANKLES. I was like what the heck happened here. I have not done anything more than usual. Then I had to think I had that one snacker size fried thingy and a small bag of potato chips but really CANKLES. I have never seen my ankles so swollen. I could not even see my ankles. I tell my husband to come look and he says sit and relax…I’m thinking yea of course…AFTER I have already cooked and done everything (figures…men).

Then my hives were PINGING! They were lighting me up. I was trying to relax so of course they would begin itching more. I mean I noticed I had a few more but seriously. So I asked my husband for the aloe vera with lidocaine and he actually applied it for me (how sweet). I needed that moment! Then I figured I would get the last few he could see at the moment which I did. Then I went to put the bottle in the bathroom and use it one more time before bed.

THEN BAM! I hit my second immobile wall! I kicked the side of the doorway as I was walking out and took off the entire small toe nail along with some much wanted skin. Both my body and myself were stunned. I mean at first I wasn’t sure if I was hurt, then the pain hit and I had to sit down and then it bled profusely. Though I express this with great detail it’s because in my mind it happened in slow motion, but it probably took less than 20-30 seconds. My husband hurt all the commotion and came in thinking I fell. It was seriously that loud. I could not even cry it hurt so bad. I could barely breathe and when he was like what you want me to do I said just let me breathe real quick, trying not to snap at him.

I know he is not the first aid take action type like me. I was trained and it is in my nature. I get this from my mom. But he will sit there and ask what needs to be done instead of knowing or trying anything. So once I took several deep breaths I asked him to come back in the room because he completely left, LOL. I asked for gauze and had to direct him to the right type in my first aid box because I have many types, and then I needed ointment (which I never used when I realized it was more of an avulsion/ hole), and I asked for athletic tape (which he brought a wrap bandage but it wouldn’t really work for this area or wound. I almost never use that stuff! Though I had been wondering where it was (as he brought it from his bathroom out of a secret place he stashed it). Little thief, LOL.

I finally asked one more favor of my husband, and that was to bring me some pillows to prop my feet and that foot now, LOL. I needed to reduce the swelling in my CANKLES and to slow the pain and bleeding in my foot. I seriously had to hold my toe and then a pressure point for like 10 minutes to stop the bleeding. Needless to say, today has not been a picnic walking and all I keep thinking is how bad I want to take a hammer to that wall, LOL.


  1. E. English · February 18, 2016

    Lolz!!!!!!!!!!! Our Men! “. . .when he is not in a rush for himself…I mean like molasses” . . . and this “But he will sit there and ask what needs to be done instead of knowing or trying anything.” Had me dying! Bless his heart for just being there even if he left completely lmbo . . .he returned ☺ I love this post. I’m sad-faced that you had such a ridiculous day, urgh. I know that feeling when it seems like hit after hit keeps coming, no fun. My fingers are crossed and my wishes go up for a better day today, and that your pinky two heals quickly *ouchie*. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lady CAS · February 18, 2016

      Girl yes I kept laughing to myself that ‘this day is not happening’ as it was literally happening. I was actually in a good mood through all of this.
      But yes that man moves like molasses until he wants to go or do something or I’m sick…then suddenly he is rocket-fueled and I’m like ‘who did whoooo, who ya wit?’ slow down pimpin I can’t walk that fast today, LOL. He always says I walk fast but er um let him be trying to get to some snacks, LOL.
      As for the toe ugh can barely get my shoe on both from pain and swelling but I’m a fighter. Gonna put my foot up as soon as I get home for a few hours (before I leave for my part-time job). Guess I won’t be wearin cute open toe shoes on my bday tomorrow, LMBO but with these CANKLES right now that was a negative anyway. I have to get this swelling down. I keep laughing because I’m still in disbelief any of this has happened 🙂


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