Stop Critiquing Blessings…

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I got my WHOLE life this morning through a short word on the radio while driving to work. I think we may all be a little guilty of it sometimes. I listen to THE LIGHT Gospel radio station and it was the Yolanda Adams Morning Show and Marcus D. Wiley was giving the Sanctified Sermon from 2 Kings Chp 5 .

It was of Naaman a man struck with Leprosy whom was a wealthy and powerful commander of an army. He prayed to be healed of a the disease. However, when it came to be (healed), he was almost upset at how it had come, by a messenger of Elisha instead of by Elisha himself by which he had sought help. He was told that through Elisha he would be healed and now this man has sent a messenger.

Though yes he eventually did as he was told and it did work… we must all remember that things do not always come in the way, shape, form, or time in which we pray. We have to say any way you bless me LORD I will be satisfied and know that you prayed for it and he gave you what you asked now can you handle the blessing you asked for?

If you asked for that new job, you can’t start complaining about the distance, or the how if you said lord please give me a part-time job stop complaining about being tired. When you say please lord I want to spend more time with my family, do not get upset when you get flexible time at work and realize that home bills or car mileage/ gas is higher because you are taking more family outings or spending more family fun in the house. You cannot critique/criticize the blessing because it did not come with extra stipulations that fit in a cozy box for you. Be happy with what HE gave you so that when it is time for bigger and better he knows you are ready, able, and grateful for it!


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