What IF…


What if everything you took for granted suddenly disappeared or stopped working? I mean everything! Some of us would be in real trouble. First on the list goes your lovely home state and city. We always forget about this and all it has to offer. I know I do and I am so guilty of this as I always want to get out to see the WORLD but when people come to visit I can barely tell them of all the new or lovely things in the area because I just have not explored my city as often as I should. But more importantly this would mean those fancy cars and how they operate, those lovely homes, the kitchens, the many bathrooms (for which you bought them), all the land, all the clothes, shoes, and hair, down to how your body functions.

YES, the functions, your walking, talking, holding things, eating, breathing, and heart beating. For those of us who have chronic disorders, are not as wealthy (or well off), or have family members in these positions, we constantly think about what it would be like to lose something so precious and valuable.

There are less things taken for granted daily than the average person takes for granted because we are more aware and living in the moment and constantly reminded of it. We do not try to be constant reminders to others but in a way it’s not a negative thing to make you rethink how you are spending your time and money. It makes you more conscience; smarter and efficient with the resources you have. Sometimes it makes you live more in the present and less in the past and the DISTANT future saying I will only SAVE and keep my head down and NEVER have fun. So explore and travel there are many options and with apps like living social and groupon you do not have to pay very much or travel very far to have fun.

Having a life like mine makes people act in many ways. However, I say it is yours to live as you please. The one thing I will say is to not let it pass you by. Do not forget that you only get one of them and that it will not stop moving forward. Think about if you will regret not acting on something and if you will find yourself having other opportunities for it (though we are not always promised that, would you realistically have another chance).


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