Women Are Gods!

If you are looking for a well- written piece of literature on life at it’s earliest point and the strongest relationships, here it is! This is truly an amazing work!

An Inviting Piece of the Pie

It’s amazing how inspiration seeks to find you where you least expect it and I couldn’t possibly take a step further into this post without mentioning The Happy Healthy Kiwi’s insightful post The First Trimester. 

That being said, as a man I will never know the sensation of what it feels like to carry and usher life into the world and truth be told I’m 110% okay with that as being able to develop, nurture and bring forth life is nothing short of an act of God…and no…you can’t falsely accuse me of blasphemy until you have at least considered what I have to say.

In my life I have been fortunate enough to witness the birth of both my children and it was through experiencing this profound process I realised just how much power a woman holds and what a raw deal society gives to the very…

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